15 Habits of Genuinely Intelligent People by Jessica Wildfire

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geralt (CC0), Pixabay

1. They don’t talk about how smart they are.

2. They learn best by imitation.

3. They try to figure things out themselves.

4. They’re always hunting knowledge.

5. They don’t brag about what they know.

6. They connect the dots.

7. They’re okay with cognitive dissonance.

8. They ask lots of questions.

9. They abstract from their experiences.

10. They seek out puzzles and paradoxes.

11. They don’t get hung up on crumbs.

12. They move slow, until they hit warp speed.

13. They have no problem with failure.

14. They don’t try to sound smart.

14-b. They make everyone around them feel smart.

15. They don’t always use big words.

The master habit: They practice empathy.


Jessica Wildfire Jessica Wildfire


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