Don’t Believe Until There Is A Common Belief

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The Backdrop

What are the things that we have in common? Ever thought about it? Rather you have or haven’t, ponder this; we can commonly cure what makes us ill by recognizing common ills and coming together to find common solutions.

When things go wrong people look without themselves rather than within themselves for answers and comfort. Since ancient times people have looked for something to hold onto in moments of crisis and distress, so it is only natural that this pandemic has triggered a search for a higher power.

This outcry will accelerate our discovery of the meaning of life and help us internalize an answer that will be found in the power of common love between us.

The problems that we are facing today are increasing and are due to the assault on our minds. This should accelerate our discovery of self, of the meaning of life, as well as internalizing answers that will become powerful, held together by the love between us.

Trump is a symptom. Long before his presidency was a remote possibility, America was already falling apart at the seams. For the most part, Americans have been complacent and complicit in their own self-destruction. We find that a great divide has been perpetrated and projected via religious groups and social cliques.

America has gone mad. A collective mental breakdown is essentially the lowest common denominator.  In short, we can’t get our shit together. The most valid solution is for the people to come together and work together. If we can not get our shit together then we can’t really be free.

I take it that you wouldn’t be on this page if you’ve never realized that something is afoul. It is true, the psychological trauma and massive propaganda have done an astoundedly media-savvy job of making it desirable to opt-out.

Opt-out, yeah that’s cool. Ever asked yourself: What the hell am I stepping into?

Get in line. You have been systematically programmed into becoming the poster child of incompetency. If it were not the case then why would we participate in our own destruction?

Suggestive innuendo and commentary mixed with shocking and negative images and a few fairy-tails from the opposition and “Poof”! What we have in common is our walking around in opposition to ourselves.

The Complex

Looking for a savior when we’ve held the power to save ourselves all along.

It has been reported that a quarter of Americans say Covid-19 has strengthened their religious faith, while just 2% claim it has weakened it. In times of peril conflicts, war, natural disasters, and other moments of crisis there is an increased tendency to turn to a higher power.

People need to feel that they have hope, something outside themselves, a longing to find something to trust, or hold on to. Like a child clinches unto its mother and does not let go because she is perceived as the safest place, we too, grownups as we are, need a source of security.

In pathetic massing of numbers, people are turning to the government to become “Captain Save – A – H_”! Never defining for themselves what this higher power actually is. We do find endless hypotheses, discussions, beliefs, and perceptions surrounding what is a “Captain Save A”. There is something greater than oneself, the something greater is within you.

Does the nature of supreme power matter? If it can help you get through your day or life, sure. As long as it calms our worries though it may calm our wills we’ll spend the rest of our days chasing a possible manufactured state. Certainly, this common scenario plays itself out the world over.

Isn’t it all about feeling better? When you feel better, you’ll be more likely to come back for your fix. In your eutopia, you are less argumentative and more compliant. “You Gotta Believe In Something, Why Not Believe In Me“?!

We have bear witness to common prayers to a seemingly common coronavirus pandemic. I so hear, pleas of faith in God’s Hands and a few others outside of self.

The common consequences of collective prayers become oh so much more positive when we pray about what we can do collectively. Our united plea. Our united voice. Is a united force through the process of connecting together and asking as one. Our common conditions must be what binds us together.

In my profession a lot of people ask me where I am coming from. If I have time I explain them that I come originally from that place we call Spain, but that I don’t feel Spanish, I just feel a citizen of the world, a person, a human being… that I don’t see nationalities, I see people, and that the people that are trying to do “good” in this world they are my brothers, no matter where they are coming from. We are just a humanity, and any other category is limiting for starting to think about commonwealth and peace. Ying yang, the unity.
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The Solutiton

It is through UNITY that we connect to the UNIVERSAL. The universal is where we gather our collective strength. The UNIVERSE will bend to our will and in our favor.

Social Distancing must cease becoming a vehicle to create distance from our interests, our family, our expressions, and willingness to unite for a common purpose. Together we must lose all superficial egos. We just “BE”! Must we dare to live?

When we keep our prayers separated, we weaken the power of our prayers. A united prayer eliminates factors that lead to our collective detriment because only the common good is pure.

Fight The Fire With A Common Desire

Due to draconian pandemic measures, we have reached a new stage in our development. Will this new stage be a stage of sheep being led to slaughter? Will it be the stage from which we propelled into a new degree of life? If we chose the latter, we manifest a new worldwide view of humanity and become family.

The hate, injustice, and distractions can serve as our common fuel to project us forward. On our journey, we will learn that the Supreme Power, is all of us. When we propel as grains of dust via electromagnetic force to form a mass in our galactic universe, we become love.


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