Consciousness is the Most Important Quandary of Human Existence

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A New World: Religion & Spirituality
“Partly as an end result of the religious teachings that have arisen backyard the hooked up religions, however additionally due to an inflow of the historical Eastern knowledge teachings, a developing quantity of followers of regular religions are capable to let go of identification with form, dogma, and inflexible faith structures and find out the unique depth that is hidden inside their very own nonsecular culture at the identical time as they find out the depth inside themselves. A New World understands that how ‘spiritual’ you are has nothing to do with what you accept as true it is the entirety of your country of consciousness. This, in turn, determines how you act in the world and engage with others.”

“Many humans are already conscious of the distinction between spirituality and religion. They recognize that having a faith system­ – a set of ideas that you regard as the absolute reality. In fact, the extra you make your ideas (beliefs) into your identity, the extra reduce off you are from the nonsecular dimension inside yourself. Many ‘religious’ human beings are caught at that level. They equate fact with thought, and as they are absolutely recognized with the notion (their mind), they declare to be in sole possession of the fact in an unconscious strive to guard their identity.”

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The new spirituality, the transformation of consciousness, is bobbing up to a giant extent backyard of the constructions of the current institutionalized religions.“

“A large­-scale opening of spirituality backyard of the spiritual buildings is a totally new development. In the past, this would have been inconceivable, particularly in the West, the most mind­-dominated of all cultures, the place the Christian church had a digital franchise on spirituality.”

“In the carrier of the Truth, nonsecular teachings characterize signposts or maps left in the back of by means of woke up human beings to help you in nonsecular awakening, that is to say, in turning into free of identification with form.”

“Christ can be viewed as the archetypal human, embodying each the ache and the opportunity of transcendence.”

“If we dive deeply into humanity’s historical religions and religious traditions, we will discover that below the many floor variations there are two core insights that most of them agree on. The phrases they use to describe these insights differ, but they all factor to a twofold essential truth. The first phase of this reality is the attention that the ‘normal’ nation of thought of most human beings includes a robust factor of what we may name dysfunction or even madness.”

“Most historical religions and religious traditions share the frequent perception – that our ‘normal’ kingdom of thinking is marred via a necessary defect. However, out of this perception into the nature of the human circumstance – we may also name it the terrible information – arises a 2nd insight: the top information of the opportunity of a radical transformation of human consciousness. In Hindu teachings (and occasionally in Buddhism also), this transformation is referred to as enlightenment. In the teachings of Jesus, it is salvation, and in Buddhism, it is the give up of suffering. Liberation and awakening are different phrases used to describe this transformation.”

A New World: Physical Body
“Most human beings are so distracted by way of their thoughts, so recognized with the voices in their heads, they can no longer experience the aliveness inside them. To be unable to sense the existence that animates the bodily body, the very existence that you are is the biggest deprivation that can take place to you. You then start to seem no longer only for substitutes for that herbal country of well­being within, however additionally for something to cowl up the non-stop unease that you sense when you are now not in contact with the aliveness that is constantly there however generally overlooked.”


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“The bodily physique is no greater than a misperception of who you are. In many ways, it is a microcosmic model of outer space.”

“So your bodily body, which is form, exhibits itself as genuinely formless when you go deeper into it. It will become a doorway into internal space.”

“Breathing isn’t sincerely something that you do however something that you witness as it happens. Breathing occurs by means of itself. The brain inside the body is doing it. All you have to do is watch it happening.”

A New World: Ego
“Ego is no greater than this: identification with form, which especially ability idea forms. If evil has any fact – and it has a relative, no longer an absolute, fact – this is additionally its definition: entire identification with structure – bodily forms, idea forms, emotional forms. This consequences in complete unawareness of my connectedness with the whole, my intrinsic oneness with each and every ‘other’ as properly as with the Source. This forgetfulness is a unique sin, suffering, delusion.”


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“The ego ought to be described truly in this way: a dysfunctional relationship with the current moment.“
“The density of the ego relies upon on the diploma to which you – the attention – are recognized with your mind, with thinking. Thinking is no greater than a tiny factor of the totality of consciousness, the totality of who you are.“

“Until now, human intelligence, which is no extra than a minute thing of prevalent intelligence, has been distorted and misused with the aid of the ego. I name that ‘intelligence in the carrier of madness.’“

“On our planet, the human ego represents the ultimate stage of commonplace sleep, the identification of attention with form. It used to be a crucial stage in the evolution of consciousness.”

“If the constructions of the human thought stay unchanged, we will usually give up up re­creating basically the identical world, the identical evils, the identical dysfunction.”

“Don’t take the ego too seriously. When you discover egoic conduct in yourself, smile. At instances, you can also even laugh. How ought to humanity have been taken in via this for so long?“


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“The ego tends to equate having with Being: I have, consequently I am. And the greater I have, the extra I am. The ego lives through comparison. How you are considered through others turns into how you see yourself.”

“The ego identifies with having, however, its pride in having is a tremendously shallow and short-­lived one. Concealed inside it stays a deep-­seated experience of dissatisfaction, of incompleteness, of ‘not enough.’ ‘I don’t have adequate yet,’ through which the ego in reality means, ‘I am now not sufficient yet.’“

“The bodily wishes for food, water, shelter, clothing, and simple comforts should be without difficulty met for all human beings on the planet, had been it no longer for the imbalance of assets created via the insane and rapacious want for more, the greed of the ego.”

“Ego arises when your experience of Beingness, of ‘I Am,’ which is formless consciousness, receives combined up with form. This is the means of identification. This is forgetfulness of Being, the essential error, the phantasm of absolute separateness that turns truth into a nightmare.”

“The ego may additionally be clever, however, it is no longer intelligent. Cleverness pursues its very own little aims. Intelligence sees the large complete in which all matters are connected. Cleverness is stimulated by using self­ interest, and it is extraordinarily short­sighted. Most politicians and business people are clever. Very few are intelligent. Whatever is attained via cleverness is short-­lived and continually turns out to be in the end self­ defeating. Cleverness divides; Genius includes.“

“Ego implies unawareness. Awareness and ego can’t coexist. The historical mind­-pattern or intellectual dependency may additionally nonetheless live on and reoccur for a whilst due to the fact it has the momentum of lots of years of collective human unconsciousness at the back of it, however each time it is recognized, it is weakened.”

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A New World: Identification with Form
“One of the most simple thought buildings via which the ego comes into existence is identification. The phrase ‘identification’ is derived from the Latin phrase idem, which means ‘same’ So when I pick out with something, I ‘make it the same.’ The equal as what? The identical as I. I endow it with an experience of self, and so it will become a phase of my ‘identity.’ One of the most simple degrees of identification is with things: My toy later will become my car, my house, my clothes, and so on. I attempt to place myself in matters however in no way pretty make it and cease up dropping myself in them. That is the destiny of the ego.”

“Most human beings see solely the outer forms, unaware of the internal essence, simply as they are unaware of their personal essence and pick out solely with their very own bodily and psychological form.”

“What you become aware of with is all to do with content; whereas, the unconscious compulsion to perceive is structural. It is one of the most simple approaches in which the egoic thinking operates.”

“Paradoxically, what continues the so-­called patron society going is the truth that attempting to discover your self through matters doesn’t work: The ego delight is short-­lived and so you hold searching for more, hold buying, preserve consuming.”

“Ego­ identification with matters creates attachment to things, obsession with things, which in flip creates our patron society and monetary buildings the place the sole measure of development is constantly more. The unchecked striving for more, for limitless growth, is a dysfunction and a disease. It is the identical dysfunction the cancerous phone manifests, whose sole intention is to multiply itself, unaware that it is bringing about its personal destruction by means of destroying the organism of which it is a part.”

“Illusion will in no way fulfill you.

Only the fact of who you are, if realized, will set you free.“


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“Each individual is so recognized with the ideas that make up their opinion, that these ideas harden into intellectual positions which are invested with a feel of self. In different words: Identity and concept merge. Once this has happened, when I protect my opinions (thoughts), I sense and act as if I have been defending my very self. Unconsciously, I experience and act as if I had been hostilities for survival and so my feelings will replicate this unconscious belief. They grow to be turbulent. I am upset, angry, defensive, or aggressive. I want to win at all prices lest I end up annihilated. That’s the illusion.”

“You stay with an intellectual photo of yourself, a conceptual self that you have a relationship with. Life itself turns into conceptualized and separated from who you are when you talk of ‘my life.’ The second you say or assume ‘my life’ and agree with in what you are pronouncing (rather than it simply being a linguistic

convention), you have entered the realm of delusion. If there is such a factor as ‘my life,’ it follows that I and lifestyles are two separate things, and so I can additionally lose my life, my imaginary treasured possession. Death turns into a seeming truth and a threat. Words and ideas cut up existence into separate segments that have no fact in themselves. We ought to even say that the thought ‘my life’ is the authentic delusion of separateness, the supply of ego. If I and lifestyles are two, if I am separate from life, then I am separate shape all things, all beings, all people. But how should I be separated from life? What ‘I’ may want to be there aside from life, aside from Being? It is fully impossible.

So there is no such aspect as ‘my life,’ and I don’t have a life. I am life. I and existence are one. It can’t be otherwise. So how should I lose my life? How can I lose something that I don’t have in the first place? How can I lose something that I Am? It is impossible.”

“In Zen, they say: ‘Don’t are seeking for the truth. Just quit cherishing opinions.’ What does that mean? Let go of identification with your mind. Who you are past the thinking then emerges by using itself.”

“Whenever you let go of one of these patterns, you de­emphasize who you are on the stage of shape and who you are past shape emerges extra fully. You turn out to be less, so you can be more.“

“Discover the good-sized electricity that flows through you into the world when you give up emphasizing your form­-identity.“

A New World: Roles

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“Of route unique human beings fulfill exceptional features in this world. It can’t be otherwise. As a way as mental or bodily competencies are worried – knowledge, skills, talents, and strength degrees – human beings range widely. What definitely things are no longer what characteristic you fulfill in this world, however, whether or not you perceive with your feature to such an extent that it takes you over and will become a position that you play. When you play roles, you are unconscious.“

“And then there’s the regularly occurring position of an adult. When you play that role, you take your self and existence very seriously. Spontaneity, lightheartedness, and pleasure are now not a phase of that role.”
“To do anything is required of you in any state of affairs except it turning into a position that you perceive with is a critical lesson in the artwork of dwelling that every one of us is right here to learn.“

“Why does the ego play roles? Because of one unexamined assumption, one imperative error, one unconscious thought. That idea is: I am now not enough. Other unconscious ideas follow: I want to play a function in order to get what I want to be utterly myself; I want to get greater so that I can be more. But you can’t be greater than you are due to the fact beneath your bodily and psychological form, you are one with Life itself, one with Being. In form, you are and will usually be inferior to some, most advantageous to others. In essence, you are neither inferior nor most fulfilling to anyone.“

“In a world of position enjoying personalities, these few humans who don’t mission an idea made photo – and others are some even on TV, in the media, and the enterprise world – however, a feature from the deeper core of their Being, these who do no longer strive to show up extra than they are however are virtually themselves, stand out as splendid and are the sole ones who absolutely make a distinction in this world. They are the bringers of the new consciousness. Whatever they do turns into empowered due to the fact it is in alignment with the motive of the whole. Their influence, however, goes away past what they do, a way past their function. Their mere presence – simple, natural, unassuming – has a transformational impact on whoever they come into contact with.”

“Give up defining your self – to your self or to others. You won’t die. You will come to life.“


A New World: Stress
“When you choose to arrive at your intention extra than you favor to be doing what you are doing, you turn out to be stressed. The stability between enjoyment and structural anxiety is lost, and the latter has won. When there is stress, it is commonly a signal that the ego has returned, and you are reducing your self off shape the innovative energy of the universe.”

“Stress usually diminishes each the first-rate and effectiveness of what you do beneath its influence. There is additionally a robust hyperlink between stress and poor emotions, such as anxiousness and anger. It is poisonous to the physique and is now turning into diagnosed as one of the predominant motives of the so­-called degenerative ailments such as most cancers and coronary heart disease.”

“Unlike stress, enthusiasm has an excessive electricity frequency and so resonates with the innovative electricity of the universe.“

A New World: Happiness & Unhappiness
“The most important reason for disappointment is by no means the state of affairs however your ideas about it. Be conscious of the ideas you are thinking of. Separate them from the situation, which is continually neutral, which continually is as it is. There is the scenario or the fact, and right here are my ideas about it. Instead of making up stories, continue to be with the facts.”


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“Don’t are searching for happiness. If you searching for it, you won’t discover it, due to the fact searching for is the antithesis of happiness. Happiness is ever elusive, however, freedom from disappointment is viable now, via dealing with what is alternatively than making up memories about it. Unhappiness covers up your herbal kingdom of well­being and internal peace, the supply of actual happiness.”

“Unhappiness is an ego­-created mental­ emotional disorder that has reached epidemic proportions. It is the internal equal of the environmental air pollution of our planet.“

“Unhappiness or negativity is a disorder on our planet. What air pollution is on the outer stage is negativity on the inner. It is everywhere, no longer simply in locations the place human beings don’t have enough, however even greater so the place they have greater than enough. Is that surprising? No. The prosperous world is even greater deeply recognized with form, extra misplaced in content, greater trapped in ego.“

“There are different extra delicate types of negativity that are so frequent they are generally no longer diagnosed as such, for example, impatience, irritation, nervousness, and being ‘fed up.’ They represent the history disappointment that is many people’s predominant internal state.”

“Emotion in itself is now not unhappiness. Only emotion plus a sad story is unhappiness.“

There is an area around my unhappiness. That space, of course, comes when there is internal acceptance of something you are experiencing in the existing moment.”

“Not all sadness is of the pain­-body. Some of it is new unhappiness, created on every occasion you are out of alignment with the current moment when the Now is denied in one way or another. When you apprehend that the existing moment is continually already the case and consequently inevitable, you can deliver an uncompromising internal ‘yes’ to it and so no longer solely create no in addition unhappiness, but, with internal resistance gone, locate your self empowered by way of Life itself.”

“But nothing can fulfill the ego for long. As long as it runs your life, there are two approaches to being unhappy. Not getting what you choose is one. Getting what you choose is the other.“

“People trust themselves to be structured on what takes place for their happiness, that is to say, based on form. They don’t realize that what takes place is the most unstable factor in the universe. It adjustments constantly. They seem upon the existing second as both marred by way of something that has occurred and shouldn’t have or as poor due to the fact of something that has no longer took place, however, have to have. And so they leave out the deeper perfection that is inherent in existence itself, a perfection that is constantly already there, that lies past what is occurring or no longer happening, past form. Accept the existing second and discover the perfection that is deeper than any structure and untouched by way of time.“


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“The pleasure of Being, which is the sole genuine happiness, can now not come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or match – via something that happens. That pleasure can’t come to you – ever. It emanates shape the formless dimension inside you, from focus itself, and hence is one with who you are.”

“‘That is the joy of Being,’ I said. “You can solely experience it when you get out of your head. Being need to be felt. It can’t be thought. The ego doesn’t understand about it due to the fact notion is what it consists of.”
“‘Blessed are terrible in spirit,’ Jesus said, ‘for theirs will be the kingdom of heaven.’ What does ‘poor in spirit’ mean? No internal baggage, no identifications. Not with things, nor with any intellectual standards that have an experience of self in them. And what is the ‘kingdom of heaven?’ The easy however profound pleasure of Being that is there when you let go of identifications and so emerge as ‘poor in spirit.’“Many poets and sages for the duration of the ages while having discovered real happiness – I name it the pleasure of Being – is discovered in simple, reputedly unremarkable things. Most people, in their stressed search for something massive to take place to them, constantly omit the insignificant, which might also now not be insignificant at all. The logician Nietzsche, in an uncommon second of deep stillness, wrote, ‘For happiness, how little suffices for happiness!…. the least component precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a whisk, an eye look – little maketh up the exceptional happiness. Be still.’”

“Why is it the ‘least thing’ that makes up ‘the exceptional happiness’? Because real happiness is no longer brought on by using the component or event, though this is how it first appears.

The issue or tournament is so subtle, so unobtrusive, that it takes up solely a small section of your awareness – and the relaxation is internal space, attention itself unobstructed through the form. Inner house cognizance and who you are in your essence are one and the same. In different words, the shape of little matters leaves room for internal space. And it is from internal space, the unconditioned awareness itself, that genuine happiness, the pleasure of Being, emanates.”


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A New World: Suffering
“Suffering drives you deeper. The paradox is that struggling is prompted by means of identification with structure and erodes identification with form. A lot of it is induced by means of the ego, even though sooner or later struggling destroys the ego – however no longer till you go through consciously.“

“Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of focus and the burning up of the ego.“

“The hearth of struggling will become a mild of consciousness.“

“The reality is that you need to say sure to struggling earlier than you can transcend it.”

“If the egoic earth drama has any cause at all, it is an oblique one: It creates extra and greater struggling on the planet, and suffering, though mostly ego-­created, is in the cease also ego­-destructive. It is the furnace in which the ego burns itself up.”

“To create struggling except recognizing it – this is the essence of unconscious living; this is being absolutely in the grip of the ego.“

“The electricity that was once trapped in the pain­-body then adjustments into a vibrational frequency and is transmuted into Presence. In this way, the pain-­body will become gasoline for consciousness. This is why many of the wisest, most enlightened male and female on our planet as soon as had a heavy pain­-body.”
“However, due to the unparalleled inflow of focus we are witnessing on the planet now, many humans no longer want to go via the depth of acute struggling to be in a position to dis-identify from the pain­-body.”
“When you can’t stand the countless cycle of struggling anymore, you commence awakening.“

A New World: Surrender
“The surrendered country of attention opens up the vertical dimension in your life, the dimension of depth. Something will then come forth from that dimension into this world, something of the limitless price that in any other case would have remained unmanifested. Some humans who surrendered to extreme hassle grow to be healers or nonsecular teachers. Others work selflessly to reduce human struggling or deliver some innovative present into this world.”


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“Yielding potential internal acceptance of what is. You are open to life. Resistance is an internal contraction, a hardening of the shell of the ego. You are closed. Whatever motion you take in a nation of internal resistance (which we may want to additionally name negativity) will create greater outer resistance, and the universe will now not be on your side; lifestyles will no longer be helpful. If the shutters are closed, the daylight can’t come in.“

“It is solely through capitulation that you can align your self with the return motion – the ride home.”

A New World: The Present Moment (NOW)
“Once you have reached a sure stage of consciousness, (and if you are analyzing this, you nearly absolutely have), you are in a position to determine what type of a relationship you desire to have with the existing moment. Do I choose the current second to be my pal or my enemy? The existing second is inseparable from life, so you are actually figuring out what sort of relationship you desire to have with life. Once you have determined you choose the current second to be your friend, it is up to you to make the first move: emerge as pleasant towards it, welcome it no depend on what conceal it comes, and quickly you will see the results. Life turns into pleasant towards you; humans emerge as helpful, occasions cooperative. One selection modifications your whole reality.“

“The most important, the primordial relationship in your existence is your relationship with the Now, or as an alternative with something shape the Now takes, that is to say, what is or what happens.”

“What is reality? Whatever is. the suchness of life, which is no extra than the suchness of this moment.”
“The selection to make the existing second into your buddy is the give up of the ego. The ego can by no means be in alignment with the current moment, which is to say, aligned with life, on account that its very nature compels it to ignore, resist, or devalue the Now. Time is what the ego lives on. The better the ego, the extra time takes over your life. Almost every idea you assume is then worried about the past or future, and your experience of self relies upon the previous for your identification and on the future for its fulfillment. Fear, anxiety, expectation, regret, guilt, anger are the dysfunctions of the time-­bound country of consciousness.”


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“In different words, you aren’t ever wholly right here due to the fact you are constantly busy making an attempt to get elsewhere.“

“The seeing is the bobbing up Presence. The second you see the dysfunction, it begins to dissolve. Some humans chuckle out loud when they see this. With the seeing comes the strength of desire – the preference of pronouncing sure to the Now, of making it into your friend.”

“Everything appears to be a problem to time, but it all occurs in the Now. That is the paradox.“

“What the future holds for you relies upon on your kingdom of recognition now.“

“Time, that is to say, previous and future, is what the false mind­-made self, the ego, lives on, and time is in your mind. It isn’t something that has a goal of existence ‘out there.’ It is an ideal shape wished for sensory perception, crucial for realistic purposes, however the biggest difficulty of understanding yourself. Time is the horizontal dimension of life, the floor layer of reality. Then there is the vertical dimension of depth, on hand to you solely through the portal of the current moment.“

“So as an alternative of including the time to yourself, dispose of time. The removal of time from your cognizance is the removal of ego. It is the sole proper nonsecular practice.“

“Being existing is constantly infinitely greater effective than something one may want to say or do, though occasionally being current can supply upward thrust to phrases or actions.”

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A New World: Awareness (Presence)
“When the ego is at war, comprehend that it is no greater than a phantasm that is conflict to survive. That phantasm thinks it is you. It is now not handy at first to be there as the witnessing Presence, especially when the ego is in survival mode or some emotional sample from the previous has to turn out to be activated, however as soon as you have had a style of it, you will develop in Presence power, and the ego will lose its grip on you. And so strength comes into your existence that is some distance increased than the ego, larger than the mind. All that is required to grow to be free of the ego is to be conscious of it, for the reason that focus and ego are incompatible. Awareness is the strength that is hidden inside the current moment. This is why we may additionally name its Presence. The remaining reason for human existence, which is to say, your motive is to carry that energy into this world.“

“The second you grow to be conscious of the ego in yourself, that rising attention is who you are beyond the ego, the deeper ‘I.’“

“Awareness is the house in which ideas exist when that house has come to be mindful of itself.“

“Awareness is a connection with commonplace intelligence. Another phrase for it is Presence: recognition besides thought.”

“Without the impairment of egoic dysfunction, our brain comes into full alignment with the outgoing cycle of the popular brain and its impulse to create. We end up aware of individuals in the introduction of form. It is no longer we who create, however, established Genius that creates through us.“


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“Awareness is the biggest agent for change.“
“That in you which acknowledges insanity as insanity (even if it is your own) is sanity, is the springing up awareness, is the quit of insanity.”

“With cognizance comes dis-identification from thoughts, emotions, and reactions.“

“Before you have been the thoughts, feelings, and reactions; now you are the awareness, the mindful Presence that witnesses these states.“

“All you want to do is be conscious of your ideas and thoughts – as they happen. This is now not certainly a ‘doing,’ however, an alert ‘seeing.’ In that sense, it is real that there is nothing you can do to come to be free of the ego. When that shift happens, which is the shift from wondering to awareness, a Genius a ways increased than the ego’s cleverness starts off-evolved to function in your life.”

“When you understand the unconsciousness in you, that which makes the cognizance feasible is the springing up consciousness, is awakening. You can’t battle in opposition to the ego and win, simply as you can’t battle towards darkness. The mild awareness is all that is necessary. You are that light.“


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“What stays in the mild of attention in which perceptions, experiences, thoughts, and emotions come and go. That is Being, that is the deeper, genuine I.”

“Some humans in no way overlook the first time they dis-identified from their ideas and for this reason temporarily skilled the shift in identification from being the content material of their idea to bring the attention in the background.”

“And the egos biggest enemy of all is, of course, the current moment, which is to say, existence itself.“
“The sole issue that in the end, things is this: Can I feel my crucial Beingness, the I Am, in the heritage of my existence at all times? To be extra accurate, can I feel the I Am that I Am at this moment? Can I experience my necessary identification as cognizance itself? Or am I dropping myself in what happens, dropping myself in the mind, in the world?”

“Emotions and even ideas come to be depersonalized via awareness. Their impersonal nature is recognized. there is no longer a self in them. They are simply human emotions, human thoughts. Your complete non-public history, which is at the end no greater than a story, a bundle of ideas and emotions, turns into of secondary significance and no longer occupies the forefront of your consciousness. It no longer varieties the foundation for your feeling of identity. You are the mild of Presence, the attention that is prior to and deeper than any ideas and emotions.”


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A New World: Inner Body & Spaciousness
“Your internal physique is no longer strong however spacious. It is no longer your bodily shape however the lifestyles that animate the bodily form. It is the Genius that created and sustains the body, concurrently coordinating heaps of distinct features of such extremely good complexity that the human thought can solely recognize a tiny fraction of it. When you turn out to be conscious of it, what is sincerely occurring is that the talent is turning into conscious of itself. It is the elusive ‘life’ that no scientist has ever located due to the fact the recognition that is searching for it is it.“

“What I name the ‘inner body’ isn’t truly the physique anymore however lifestyle energy, the bridge between shape and formlessness. Make it a dependency to experience the internal physique as regularly as you can.”
“In Zen, such a glimpse is referred to as satori. Satori is a second of Presence, a short stepping out of the voice in your head, the concept processes, and their reflection in the physique as emotion. It is the springing up of internal spaciousness the place earlier than there was once the muddle of concept and the turmoil of emotion.”

“When you are conscious of space, you are no longer genuinely conscious of anything, besides recognition itself – the internal area of consciousness. Through you, the universe is turning into conscious of itself!“
“Space cognizance represents now not solely freedom from ego, however additionally from dependency on the matters of this world, from materialism and materiality. It is the nonsecular dimension which by myself can supply transcendent and actual that means to this world.”

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“Here is some other way of discovering internal space: Become aware of being conscious. Say or assume ‘I Am’ and add nothing to it. Be conscious of the stillness that follows the I Am. Sense your presence, the naked, unveiled, unclothed beingness. It is untouched by using younger or old, wealthy or poor, excellent or bad, or any different attributes. It is the spacious womb of all creation, all form.“

“All creativity comes out of internal spaciousness. Once the advent has taken place and something has come into form, you have to be vigilant so that the thought of ‘me’ or ‘mine’ does now not arise. If you make savings for what you accomplished, the ego has returned, and the spaciousness has come to be obscured.”
“Through entire acceptance of the structure of Now, you grow to be internally aligned with space, which is the essence of Now. Through acceptance, you grow to be spacious inside. Aligned with the area as an alternative of the form: That brings a genuine point of view and stability into your life.“

“You are in no way greater essentially, greater deeply, yourself, than when you are still.“


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A New World: Interconnectedness & Oneness
“Once there is a sure diploma of presence, of nevertheless and alert interest in human beings’ perceptions, they can feel the divine existence essence, the one indwelling recognition or spirit in each and every creature, each and every life­-form, apprehend it as one with their very own essence and so love it as themselves.”

“The entire is made up of existence and Being, the manifested and the unmanifested, the world, and God. So when you end up aligned with the whole, you turn out to be an aware section of the interconnectedness of the entire and its purpose: the emergence of attention into this world.“

“There is eventually no such factor as ‘your’ life because you and existence are now not two, however one.“

“Through immoderate reliance on thinking, actuality turns into fragmented. This fragmentation is an illusion, however, it looks very