Peace can be defined as “whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. What is soft is strong”. – Lao Tzu.

Intel Mindz brings mindfulness to the forefront to assist you in peace and empowerment. Let the music, message, and Calgon take you away on a peaceful journey. Allow yourself to be transported to eight exotic gardens, each from a different latitude.

Sleepcasts use sound and visualization to create the perfect atmosphere for healthy, restful sleep. Each one begins with a short wind-down followed by a journey through a landscape with its own dreamy atmosphere. Try “Compass Gardens” tonight in Sleep by Headspace: License: Creative Commons Attribution license.

Music: Song 22 via Relaxing Piano Music… License: Creative Commons Attribution license

sunrise, dawn, morning, peace

272447 (CC0), Pixabay


When on a path of enlightenment, one can't help the desire to share. Intel Mindz is the platform that I've chosen to share. Mindfulness is applicable in every factor of life. Universal Energy is powerful and amazing. It is this energy that I project back out to you and the universe. We are all gods. - Steafon Perry


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