Acu-Therapies Can Improve Over-All Health

Acu-Therapies are life-changing alternative medicine. With a low immune system, a contagious illness can hit you like a ton of bricks… or possibly kill you. But those with a strong immune system will only experience mild illness.

This is why I want to show you a simple but effective immune system boosting acupressure technique…

That could mean the difference between a terrifying trip to the hospital,

Or a couple of weeks on the couch eating ice cream and watching Netflix.

There are several acupressure points that boost the immune system, but for now, let’s focus on a particularly potent acu-point you can learn to apply right now.

If you didn’t already know, acupressure is a non-invasive version of acupuncture known as acu-therapy. The ancient Chinese were using acupressure for thousands of years before they had the technology to make needles. Acupressure still widely used today because it’s incredibly effective and is easy to self-apply.

You may consider applying acu-therapies as an alternative to Acupuncture

This acu-point is called ‘Outer Gate’ (SJ 5)


Acu-Therapies Without Acupuncture

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ~ Albert Einstein

What Einstein is trying to tell us is that everything in the universe is energy… just different manifestations of it.

On an atomic level, your body is a sea of energy – vibrating at different frequencies.

Einstein knew it… and so did his adversary; the genius and energy pioneer Nikola Tesla – who was quoted saying:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Frequencies can be used to manipulate energy – which has been proven to treat a vast range of diseases… as well as chronic pain.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy” – Albert Szent-Györgyi (1937 Nobel Prize for Medicine Winner).

There is a very popular energy-based medicine that works so well that it is often used in hospitals.

Acu-therapies have been used to treat a ton of different ailments (for thousands of years) such as:

Chronic pain
High blood pressure
Gastrointestinal disorders
Low immunity
Anxiety and depression
Fatigue/Low energy
Arthritis and many, more.

This energy-based natural therapy is Acupuncture: a powerful therapy that has helped millions of people around the world to treat chronic pain and disease at its root cause.

There are many types of acu-therapies like acupuncture… although different, they deliver the same results.

Acupuncture uses needles
Acupressure uses finger pressure
Electro-acupuncture uses electric needles
Moxibustion uses heat (burning herbs)
Acu-acoustics uses sound frequencies (tuning forks)

How acu-therapies work

We all know somebody… or have at least read of a celebrity who swears-by the healing effects of acupuncture.

Most people don’t know that acupuncture (and other acu-therapies) is the practice of manipulating energy within the body.

The cornerstone of these acu-therapies is that our bodies contain a flow of energy that needs to circulate. The Chinese, call this energy flow: ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chi’). Qi is the energy force that supports all life.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Qi needs to circulate through our bodies freely for us to maintain our physical and mental health.

Qi circulates through the body via our meridian lines.

Meridian lines are like ‘energy veins’ that run all along our bodies.

Should our energy flow (Qi) slow-down in one or more of these meridian lines, or there is a blockage in our meridian lines, an imbalance will occur.

And if not treated, pain, illness, and disease will manifest.

To restore the circulation of energy and regain health, a series of specific pressure-points must be stimulated. These pressure points are also known as acupoints.

Acupoints are like little whirlpools of energy that are dotted along our meridian lines.

By stimulating specific acupoints, a burst of energy will restore the circulation of a blocked meridian. This restores balance and harmony; which kills pain and accelerates the healing process.

A famous study that proves the meridian system

Many studies have proven the Meridian system. But one of the most popular was conducted by French Physicians Jean Claude Darras MD and Professor Pierre de Vernejoul.*

Their experiment aimed to prove the existence of meridian lines.

They injected the isotope tracer Te99 into the acupoints of volunteer patients and then monitored the tracer’s movements using a gamma imaging camera.

The tracers traveled along the exact meridian lines within minutes after injection.

To challenge their findings, they injected non-meridian points – finding that the tracers simply pooled up and remained in the same spot.

Interestingly, tracers flowing through diseased parts of the body slowed down dramatically or stopped – compared to a fast flow around healthy parts of the meridian system.

Some skeptics dismiss acupressure citing the “placebo effect” – where 30% of people will be shown to heal in experiments when given a sugar pill instead of the “real medicine”. However, the placebo effect has been debunked because all kinds of animals – who can’t comprehend suggestion, also respond incredibly well to the healing properties of acupoint therapy.

Has Pharmaceutical Propaganda Brainwashed You?

If you think that Traditional Chinese Medicine is quackery; then Big Pharma has done their job of brainwashing you into believing that drugs are the only answer to health problems.

Big Pharma has overrun Washington D.C.

There are, literally, two pharmaceutical lobbyists for every member of Congress.

They have ‘their people’ in the FDA.

They write the medical books used in Universities.

So, it’s no wonder that your local doctor won’t prescribe you a natural remedy for your pain or ailment… it’s because doctors have been programmed to use their prescription pad!

A study published by Mayo Clinic revealed that 70% of Americans take at least one daily prescription medication. The same study showed that 20% of Americans are on five or more daily medications.1

These prescriptions cause side effects… and over a period of time, they cause serious health problems that require another daily drug. And another… and another.

This cycle is called: ‘prescription cascade’ (also known as ‘polypharmacy’) and it’s an epidemic that can take 10 years off the average life expectancy.

Retiree’s at most risk – Studies show that prescription cascade is responsible for accelerating the need for aged care… due to these common side-effects2:

  • Decreased physical functioning
  • Delirium and dementia
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Recurring falls
  • Low immunity due to reduced ability to absorb vitamins and minerals

Entrainment in action

Frequencies (vibrating energy) is another highly effective means for unblocking a congested meridian system.

Using the science of entrainment (not entertainment) one can use frequencies to synchronize a blocked meridian line back to its free-flowing state.

Most people have probably heard of the concept of entrainment before but not the name of it. Entrainment is defined as “a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles” – it’s a law of physics: when two objects are entrained with each other, they expend less energy.*

It is this phenomenon that causes:

Female roommates’ menstrual cycles to sync together
Our heart rate and brain waves entraining/syncing to a hectic or a quiet environment
Fireflies that blink together at the same time
And the resetting of the internal body clock – after a very long plane flight
It doesn’t stop at biology. Entrainment happens with machines too – such as clocks to electric driers.

Entrainment can also be defined within: Physics, engineering, biomusicology, hydrodynamics, and also brainwaves.

acu-therapies alternative to medication

An alternative to electro-acupuncture

As mentioned earlier, acupuncture isn’t the only means of treating blocked Qi and restoring balance within the body and mind.

Electricity also an effective means to stimulate Qi within the meridian system.

Hospitals combine electricity with acupuncture to achieve faster and longer-lasting relief. It’s called electro-acupuncture… but the prospect of electrified needles puts a lot of people off.

So, a non-invasive alternative was formulated, making the therapy more widely available. Especially people with needle phobias.

It’s called Acu-Frequency TM.

Much like electro-acupuncture, Acu-Frequency TM uses a synergy of TWO acu-therapies (acupressure and bio-frequencies) for faster and longer-lasting results.

Traditionally, this therapy is applied using tuning forks… therapists press the stem of a vibrating tuning fork on specific acupoints.

Tuning fork therapy works the same way as electro-acupuncture… instead of acupuncture therapists use acupressure, and instead of electricity, they use frequencies (the vibrating frequency of the fork).

Tuning forks are a powerful way to transmit healing frequencies because the body is an excellent conductor of sound.

Sound travels through bone twice as fast as water – that’s 10x faster than sound moving through the air. This is why sound therapy works so well – bone and liquid are such wonderful sound conductors.

When we experience the frequency of a meridian tuning fork, our nervous system, meridian system or brainwaves entrain to the pitch, in much the same way as when we find a pitch for a voice or tune a piano. In this way, we can use sound to heal ourselves.

The ear is an instrument of sound. It’s connected to the beginning of the Vagus nerve, the most expansive nerve in the body, which is directly connected to all our major organs.

The word “Vagus” means “wander” because it wanders all over the body, making it a perfect vehicle for sound therapy.

Although tuning fork therapy is an effective healing modality, the resonance produced from a single strike of a tuning fork will only last for 15-30 seconds.

Therefore, the practitioner needs to keep striking their instrument and then find the acupoint again.

Acu-Frequency TM eliminates this disruption by providing digital recordings of each different meridian tone (which also means there’s no need for an expensive set of meridian tuning forks).

The meridian recordings can last for the entire acupressure session (when using the loop function on the app)… unlike the brief resonance of a tuning fork.

That way, anyone seeking relief from an ailment can concentrate on correctly finding the right acupressure point and holding it while they listen to the proper matching meridian tone.

Acu-Frequency TM combines acupressure with sound therapy in a convenient, non-invasive way – without having to buy a set of expensive tuning forks.

And the step-by-step instructions make it easy to apply… in as little as 3 minutes a day.

Because Acu-Frequency TM is so easy to apply – it’s safe, it can be used at home, at work, in the car, on the bus… anywhere.

One can expect fantastic results using either practice (acupressure or entrainment therapy) on its own. But combining them gives creates a synergy that maximizes their effectiveness.

acu-thrapies, natural synergy on mobile

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The Natural Synergy system treats strong pain and common ailments at the root cause while accelerating the body’s natural healing response.

Natural Synergy employs a combination of two Acu-therapies: Acupressure and Acu-Acoustics to extinguish strong pain while accelerating the healing process – much like Electro-Acupuncture but without the anxiety and discomfort of electric needles.

It’s a process called Acu-FrequencyTM.

With an alphabetical treatment list of over 150 ailments, it is the ultimate go-to if you are feeling unwell or suffering from strong pain.


Citations *



Natural Synergy is a serious program of self help in healing. Sometimes it offers relief very soon or right after application of the suggested action, in cases of pain or in cases of mild discomfort. I also found it especially helpful in cases of seasonal dizziness I experience recently. I keep this program in high esteem because of its helpfulness to me. Also, I appreciate the clarity of the way it is presented and the fact that it is easy to use. I wholeheartedly recommend it and confirm that it is immediately applicable: no need of preliminary knowledge or study, just read the instructions. Of course, one can also appreciate the introductory chapters of the book, especially if one is not familiar with Chinese Medicine, meridians, acupuncture and the properties of sound frequencies. Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!

Rodiani Greece


My back pain was GONE! I am in AWE of this program. I love this program and app! Even when I am not able to do all of the acupressure points because I’m out running around, I will listen to the coinciding meridian sounds specific to my ailment and much to my delight, I find relief! I’m very active and suffered two back injuries years ago that continue to cause me pain on occasion. This pain never goes away in its own and requires a trip to the chiropractor which I don’t always have the time for. I had been suffering the pain for several weeks when I purchased Natural Synergy. While at work the other day, feeling much pain from a workout the previous evening, I decided to listen to the meridian sounds related to back pain. Before I had even finished them all, my back pain was GONE! This truly has never happened! It’s been two days and the pain has not returned! But just for good measure, I listen at least once a day…

I am in AWE of this program. Thank you Natural Synergy!

Lori Phoenix, USA

William, Israel

A short while ago, my wife woke up one morning with a frozen shoulder. My experience as a naturopath is that this usually takes quite a while to resolve using a mix of treatments. This time, I did the acupressure and frequency sounds on all 6 of the points for 3 minutes each – once only. The following day, my wife woke up with no pain, discomfort or movement restriction.

That was around a month ago, and since then, no recurrence …

Magic, yes?

Thank you so much for this program.

William Israel

Grezthen, Philippines

Before using Natural Synergy (NS), I was taking my medication (maintenance) for my blood pressure on a daily basis. At the first month of using NS daily, I didn’t stop my medication yet. But on my 2nd month of using NS, I gradually refrain using my high blood medication on a daily basis. On the 1st week of my 2nd month of using NS, I took my medication every other day. On my 2nd week of my 2nd month of using NS, I took my medication twice only. On my 3rd week, I took my medication only once. Finally, on my 4th week, I tried using your Natural Synergy without taking even a single medication.

Luckily, for 10 months now, I’m practicing your Natural synergy without taking any of my medication at all. In other words, I’m now free from taking my medication!

Not only that. Every time I feel sick, I listen to the Theta Healing preset beat and the 528 Hz and Schumann Resonance frequencies. I easily get well and feel great again. Sometimes, even if I had only 3 hrs of sleep if I listen to those frequencies before retiring to bed, I felt like I had 8 hrs of sleep. They are really amazing!

Regarding the acupressure with corresponding audio, using my fingers or my acupressure pen in pressing the acupressure points, I noticed that the effect is the same. But I prefer using my acupressure pen for convenience.

For 10 months now, NS has become my healing companion. I even use it to other people. I became an instant Healer!

I’m really grateful to you Emily for sharing to us your Natural Synergy.

Thanks again, Emily! God Bless you!

Grezthen Philippines

Brigitte from Australia, Testimony

I am super impressed, best purchase and value for money I have made in the field of health as I’m a clinical nutritionist and herbalist. I just wanted to share how happy and delighted I am with the program and the app is simply amazing, so much value here for the money. The book, pictures and guidance in application is so valuable that I’m sharing it with everyone who comes into my clinic.

Once again thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

Brigitte Australia


I have used the Natural Synergy app to relieve pain in my knee, relieve discomfort in my teeth and boost my immune system and am convinced that the system works. Sometimes you don’t even need to work on all the points!

Nora England


I used the Natural Synergy protocol on my patient for eczema twice weekly for 3 weeks together with a change of diet. Result was excellent. Patient recovered fully.

Dr. Martin Siu DNM, DHS, IMD, PhD

Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Humanitarian Services

Doctor of Integrative Medicine. Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Qigong Medicine



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