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Where Is The Love: How To Define It and Transcend To New Heights

As our chaotic peril unfolds, we find more as well as more people caught up in their feelings. Where’s the love? Passions are real as well as at times too real for the sake of sanity. What eats at the core of this revelation is simply a confused interpretation of what love is. Love is more than catching feelings. Love is where we find the strength to rise out of our comfort zones. While love can be terms of endearment or affectionate, it’s deeper still. Love is the essence of the substance that defines nature.
We have natural abilities to connect with all substances in existence. Love emits from these connections. Where there is simply a connection we find effort. The effort comes from the special attention given to the substance we connect with Increasingly, we are finding discourse in substance, connections, as well as the love that binds. This discourse is the result of urbanization’s lack of focus on communion. Technology has led us away from communication which is the key element of communion.
Communion .defines the purpose of our emotions, relationships, as well as bonds. This purpose is the life-force of communities. A positive mindset is what fosters communication. Disconnected mindsets are unnatural phenomena. Mass emigration to big cities as well as technology are major parts except not the only parts of the problem. Examples can be lent from politics, news, as well as reality tv which all are guilty of portraying false assumptions about situations. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as the like become tools for fake likes as well as false adoration. Dwarfing into characters unwittingly disconnecting for the connection is neither healthy for the psyche as well as soul nor effective in building true communion.
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I am reminded of Roberta Flack’s “Where Is The Love”. We are willfully as well as yet unwittingly participants in The Matrix. It is fashionable to seek out differences, dislikes, discourse as opposed to seeking the things that we hold in common. Finding common ground develops social skills for we now share substance to express ourselves effectively. Hitting you up in the DM isn’t the most effective way to build. In the Direct Message, I can be who I want to be. When we commune we are free to be who we are. Imagine that you’re meeting someone for the very first time. Contemplate how you’ll greet this person. Will you greet with a simple nod, chest bump, fist pump, a warm smile or say Hi? In your mind, is your greeting a reflection of how you which to be greeted? Do you like compliments? If you do then what’s wrong in being complementary in your greeting?
This exercise arms you with the tools to form effective communication. Imagine that you’re sitting in a waiting room with yourself 5yrs from now. Know one would know you better, right? You can ask the future you an array of questions about connections, transactions, as well as activities that you’ll experience in the next five years. The doctor who you both had appointments to meet, invites both of you into his office. There, you find another you that’s 10yrs in the future. You as well as the 5 year older you both bombards the 10 year older you with questions. He smiles; he claps his hands, and now all three of you are floating on a cloud as well as the whole world is beneath you. If you permit yourself to delve into this journey of thought, you’ll realize that you’re so much more than human. You’ll find the awareness that you’re so much deeper than a physical existence. Once knowledgeable of this translucent energy, we are affirmed that we can do great things.
Where is the love? If we connect by sharing our experiences, talents, goals, mindfulness, gratitude, as well as devotion; we discover a common substance. We could do great things together. It’s not too late to bridge the divide. The concepts of good as well as bad, right as well as wrong, as well as holy as well as unholy exist in context for one true reason. You’ve to experience what isn’t right, what is wrong, as well as what is unholy to truly appreciate what higher love, as well as authority, is. Higher love, as well as authority, are neither man or any other entity who professes to be a messenger of God. Higher love, as well as authority, is an out-of-body experience. Some attain this awareness when they are minutes away from death. It is the cognition of definiteness of absoluteness in the physical realm expanding to the infinity of the spiritual realm. Purity is defined in our out-of-body experiences because to get there one should be open to the utmost acceptance. The material fades because it holds no substance as well as so is simply a distraction from divine energies. The material inflates the ego, distorts reality, caps wisdom which all prevents us from knowing-the-ledge (Knowledge). In the matrix, we are taught that the subconscious as well as the conscious mind in reverse.
The sub-conscious is the TRUTH, as well as reigns supreme as well as, is the receptor of the universal energies. When it is nurtured with falsehoods, idol worship, as well as god outside of self, you operate on lower frequencies as well as become your own enemy. We connect with the gods through our subconscious which is our consciousness. It’s no wonder that LOVE is simply a fair-weather friend in many of our lives. Love isn’t your lover, you’ll never find love from a throne neither is love looking down on you from above the clouds. Love is, however, a woman bearing new birth into existence. Love is life. Love is energy, both seen as well as unseen. Love is simply a collective. Love is evolution. Love is infinite. Love is electric. Love is. Love can never be captured in an oligarchic, monopolistic ingenuity. Being knowledgeable, conscious, spiritual, as well as electric; Love is King, Queen, Mother, Infant, Old, as well as Timeless it reigns SUPREME.
For the man as well as the woman in our physical experience, love is an exercise of expression as well as compassion. Our life force is real, making us the people the definition of sovereign. Sovereigns are always compassionate as well as always seek knowledge. Could we go further in our experience without allowing the thrills of the material as well as things that lack substance to overtake us? What’s it to be consumed by the fires of ambition: aspiring to reach new highs, new honor, new treasures while establishing dignity for love of truth?
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What it isn’t is being a disciple of Cupid. Cupiditas is simply a Latin word, in English, is cupidity, which means avarice, greed, the strong desire for wealth or power over another. What cupiditas means is the desire to turn into oneself or take into oneself everything that’s “other” than self. For instance, lust, as well as rape, are forms of cupiditas, because they entail using another person as a thing to gratify one’s desire; murder for profit is also cupiditas. Cupiditas is that moment where the good goes bad for the moral good rapidly dissolves into dust particles. Cupiditas is the opposite of the concept of CaritasCaritas means envisioning oneself as part of a ring of love in which each one has worth in itself except also as it relates to every other-self. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is simply a weak expression of Caritas. The Latin “Caritas et Amor, Deus ibi est” is probably the best expression of the concept “wherever Caritas, as well as love, are, God is ” You like that? I do. Wherever Caritasand love is, God IS.
Arousing is simply a move in cognizance wherein thinking as well as mindfulness discrete. For the vast majority, it is anything except an occasion except a procedure they experience. Indeed, even those uncommon creatures who experience an abrupt, sensational, as well as irreversible arousing will at present experience a procedure wherein the new condition of awareness step by step streams into as well as changes all that they do thus gets coordinated into their lives. There is no way around arousing. Whatever you do will be the sense of self attempting to add arousing or illumination to itself as it is most prized ownership as well as along these lines making itself increasingly significant as well as greater. Rather than arousing, you add the idea of enlivening to your brain, or the psychological picture of what an awakened or illuminated individual resembles, as well as afterward attempt to satisfy that picture. The inception of the enlivening procedure is simply a demonstration of effortlessness. You cannot get it going nor would you be able to set yourself up for it or collect credits towards it.
There is anything except a clean arrangement of sensible advances that leads toward it, even though the psyche would adore that. You don’t need to get commendable first. It might go to the delinquent before it goes to the holy person, yet not really. Rather than being lost in your reasoning, when you’re wakeful you perceive yourself as the mindfulness behind it. Believing at that point stops to be a self-serving self-ruling action that claims you as well as runs your life. Mindfulness takes over from intuition.
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Rather than being accountable for your life, thinking turns into the worker of mindfulness. Mindfulness is cognizant of association with general insight. Another word for it is Presence; cognizance without thought. When you’ve had a look at mindfulness or Presence, you know it firsthand. It is never again only an idea in your psyche. You would then be able to settle on a cognizant decision to be available as opposed to enjoy futile reasoning. You can welcome Presence into your life, in other words, make space. With the beauty of enlivening comes duty. You can either attempt to go on as though nothing occurred, or you can see it is hugeness as well as perceive the emerging of mindfulness as the most significant thing that can transpire.
Opening yourself to the rising awareness as well as bringing it is light into this world at that point turns into the main role in your life. Adoration of a picture that you’ve of yourself or that others have of you is inauthentic living – another oblivious job the self-image plays. The principle arousing just as the principle love is the main look at awareness without thought as well as occurs as beauty, with no doing on your part. When it has done as such, it cannot be turned around, although it tends to be postponed by the inner self.
For a few, the enlivening occurs as they out of nowhere become mindful of the sorts of contemplation they routinely think, particularly diligent negative musings that they may have been related to the entirety of their lives. Out of nowhere, there is simply a mindfulness that knows about the idea yet isn’t a piece of it. We cease being a citizen of the feeble-minded: “The concept of learned helplessness originally came from animal research by Martin Seligman as well as his associates. Dogs in conditioning experiments that we are given inescapable shocks that they could do nothing to avoid soon stopped trying to escape, seemed to give up as well as took the shocks–even when they then we are allowed to escape easily.
Later research revealed parallels with humans who, having experienced inescapable noise, did nothing to stop a stressful new noise when they could’ve done so. Parallels are also evident in clinical depression, abused children as well as spouses, prisoners of war, as well as some residents of nursing homes for the aged”. Some references include M E P. Seligman, Helplessness:On Depression, Development as well as Death (San Francisco: Freeman, 1975); D. S. Hiroto. “Locus of Control as well as Learned Helplessness,” Journal of Experimental Psychology 102 (1974): 1 8 7 – 9 3; J. Buie, ‘Control’ Studies Bode Better Health in Aging,” APA Monitor, July 1988, p. 20. So while you trusting that something huge will occur in your life, you may not understand that the most critical thing that can happen to an individual has just occurred inside you: the start of the partition procedure of reasoning as well as mindfulness.

Love is Pure Energy, our bodies are pure energy, as well as if there was a frequency monitor built by scientists as well as engineers that shows how human body frequency is between 62 – 72 megahertz. A healthy human body of 58 megahertz is where you begin to see disease. As frequency drops we become ill every disease has a frequency as all frequency increases we become healthier happier.It was Nikola Telsa who said that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, as well as vibration ” So, my Beloved, we must meet each other on a higher plain, love.Many ancient civilizations, as well as cultures, have known that frequency is everything as well as that we’ve to learn that we are frequency itself, manifested in human form.Have you heard the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words”? A faded picture in broken glass can hold treasured memories of the past.


The picture is creating a form that’s creating a pattern that’s creating a sound frequency. If you are to play some music right now that sound you’re listening to is creating a pattern in a musical fashion which is creating a form that’s creating a picture in your mind. This is why when you listen to certain songs it’s almost as if images are being created in your mind. The thoughts that we’ve about ourselves as well as the things that we say about ourselves as well as to ourselves change our DNA. Imagine if every single word you said appeared on your skin. Would you like that kind of tattoo art?
The words we say, actually affecting our DNA, it’s called, epigenetics. This view is well represented by Deepak Chopra MD as well as Rudolph Tanzi MD, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, who wrote: Every day brings new evidence that the mind-body connection reaches right down to the activities of our genes. How this activity changes in response to our life experiences is referred to as ‘epigenetics’. Regardless of the nature of the genes, we inherit from our parents, dynamic change at this level allows us almost unlimited influence on our fate”. Everything we think affects our DNA as well as has the power to change it alter it. In the name of love, we must stop being so rude to ourselves, holding grudges, bitterness, as well as hatred. All of these thought patterns will decrease our frequency. Vibration is the power with which we resonate. It performs a crucial function in every living entity. It is accountable for our connection to the spiritual world. We learn how to be masters of our life experience by our control as well as manipulation of energy.
Learning how as well as when to increase as well as decrease our frequencies are of the essence; they are linked to emotions, fear, doubt, as well as sadness. By learning to be master of our vibrational energy we become beneficial to the world as well as an abundance of riches flow into our life. While the abundance will be mostly non-material, monetary riches will increase as well. If you’ve read this far, you’re on your way to enlightenment. Awareness is the key to increasing your vibration. Your practice of mindfulness is indeed the exercise in controlling our consciousness as well as increasing vibration. Meditation, spa visits, warm baths with bath salts, as well as Reiki therapy are good ways to increase as well as to maintain your vibrational energy.
Call on the angels for their blessings, love, as well as light. Stay active by walks, exercise, creating, learning, as well as positive thoughts. This means that a routine change is in order. We can not remain the same as always. If you take this practice seriously, you can not remain the same. Change is simply a consistent phenomenon in our universe. If your desire is to decrease your vibration then all you’ve to do is remain the same. The force is with you as well as it is yours to draw ever so close as you need it. Chose to enter a love mindset as well as keep your emotional state calm as well as get your shine on. The angels will protect you. Mother Earth, as well as the Universal Gods, need as well as want us to raise our frequencies.
Not enough of us are drawing upon the natural forces that are readily available to us. Look at all the turmoil all around us, all over the world. Lower frequencies (negative forces) have taken over. We can bring sanity back. We can share our love. We can shine as well as share our light. We can change the world. Let’s claim our power. Let us change the way we think. Let the way we think change the way we speak. Start being mindful as well as grateful for everything around you that’s seen as well as unseen. Allow this mindfulness as well as gratefulness to change the way you live as well as love. Permit the way that you live as well as love to enlighten others. Let others draw off your love energy so that they too will be both beneficial to themselves as well as you in return.
Positive communication to as well as with ourselves is paramount. Equally important is how we communicate with one another. Let’s keep love alive. If together we can keep love alive, there would be no need to keep hope alive. By the way, sweet words are so romantic because they raise our frequencies. As exceptional as it’s to hear which you ought to hold the romance alive to your relationship, you’ll be wondering exactly how you’ve to go about doing so. When developing romance in your relationship, it is critical to understand that not all couples are the same. For that reason, you could want to keep your companion’s wants, needs, or pastimes in mind. This is the key to having a satisfied as well as wholesome courting, compromise. It’s the simple things continually. The concept is affection.
Unfortunately, many couples tap into a groove where they simply turn out to be cushy with their daily life. This frequently leads many couples not to hold hands, cuddle, kiss, or even communicate. It’s essential that you not permit your relationship to get to this point, as it often spells trouble. As much as possible, you’ll need to express your love as well as appreciation for your live-in accomplice or spouse, each in movement as well as words.
It is also important to get out of the house. As with displaying affection, many couples, after a while, stop going out on dates. Whenever you get the time, go out on a date, a walk, a picnic or share a beverage on the patio. What is best about dates is that just about any hobby can be taken into consideration a date. All of those activities can be considered as a date. Social interaction, with each other as well as with different couples, is vital to the fitness of a dating. For that reason, you as well as your partner have to get out as well as socialize.
Relationships are all about compromise. Compromise is likewise a manner to keep the romance alive to your dating. As like-minded as you as well as your companion or spouse may also be, you can still have a few differences. It isn’t as complicated as we sometimes perceive it. We can work through this which can include having to trade date nights. For instance, if your husband desired to watch a football game, you could conform to do so, so long as he is will compromise by going to see that movie that you’ve been wanting to see. The biggest advantage is the feeling of self-worth that can be achieved. there is nothing better than the feeling of appreciation. To feel loved, admired as well as respected is powerful to the psyche. This is extremely critical to the woman for it brings out her nurturing instincts in addition to fortifying her power to be the Divine Feminine. As mentioned above, several unique approaches could keep the romance alive in your relationship.
As difficult as love, as well as romance, may seem, place forth the greater effort. Not feeling enough aid is an issue that the two of you could resolve, however, divorce will not be. That’s why it’s critical to not permit it to get to that point. Affirmations or great for the psyche as well as when shared with your partner can be a powerful aid, “80 Powerful Affirmations That Could Change Your Life” is simply a great start. We gain the opportunity to merge fully with the oneness of cosmic frequency as well as gain an uplift in our opacity to love through vibrations that we emit as well as transmit. It is here that we get our shine on, so to speak, attuned to a heightened love vibration.
Our outward shine intensifies as well as benefits all. With this mantra comes the ability to merge vibrational energy with our inner god-dess, also called the sub-conscience. This merger creates wisdom, under-standing, over-standing, inner-standing, as well as outer-standing. Our intentions become pure as well as we stand as altruistic truth illuminating this higher energy that we call love. . . . . . As we continually merge as well as melt with energies within as well as with out that we surrender with gratitude as well as with an altruistic intention we can unlock more of our divine potential as well as move closer to universal consciousness.
Universal Consciousness is akin to being in Universal Nakedness. We are stripped of all pride, bravado, as well as other forms of armor, simply, we let the sun shine in. What we begin to realize is that after the attunement, we find the center that we collectively call home. Through our inner god-dess we are allowed to communicate with the divine light. This light is where we find infinite love as well as it feels like oneness because all energy, frequency, as well as vibration, works in one accord. You become the essence of love for you transcend to being light, omniscient, omnipresent, as well as omnipotent.
We are here to learn to master one thing. The only thing that we can master is our energy. Energy flows from the source into the Third Eye Chakra. If we open ourselves as well as only focus on what truly matters, we can transform into pure light. You’ll not have to proclaim to be an illuminated one because your light will be felt by all in your presence.
Once that we’ve decided our destiny, we find our pathway to evolve, grow, as well as ascend closer towards what we call God or The Light. Finally, on our pathway to ascension, there will be an assortment of healing issues brought forth into the light. The light as your guide will lead you towards releasing in preparation for allowance of love energy in our lives. If you’re at my state of consciousness, you experience a wide range of emotions as well as sensations.
Awakening affects your entire being affecting the physical, mental, physiological, as well as spiritual essence of your being. These experiences are “par for the course”, part of the purification process. These are positive signs of growth as well as positive signs of ascension. Ultimately, we reach Destination Love.

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