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Change comes marching in once you allow your inner-god to enter your life. The more you permit change to occur and are accepting of it the better you’ll be.
Change comes once you jump into the flow of the changing events and flow with it instead of fighting everything that’s a change for your greatest good. Common changes that accompany your inner-god changing your vibrational level within the Universe. Usually, after each attunement, you’ll move up to a special vibration but it also can happen at any time.
The most important step in manifestation is to permit yourself to feel as if you have already got what it is you desire. You must feel this vibration and allow it to flow freely to raise the vibrational level of what it’s that you simply seek. You’ve got to send the vibration to urge the vibration.
Being at a higher frequency level means that you are operating at a more positive level and are radiating that positivity and godness to the universe. Good things will attract like a magnet and it is harder to upset you. Some people term moving up a frequency as moving closer to enlightenment. Right before or after moving up a vibrational level you may start craving protein. You may also notice that you suddenly need more sleep and power naps energize you more than ever. Out of nowhere, you are wanting to shed material possessions or things from different areas of your life that you suddenly have lost interest in. If you happen to feel any of these know that it is quite common and that you are not alone. They are normal steps in a pretty incredible process.
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Ways to maneuver to or occupy a better vibration:
 • Reiki treatments (from others and/or daily self-reiki)
• Saying no to anything that doesn’t work for you
• Letting what doesn’t add all areas of your life naturally fall away
• Surround yourself in positivity
• Eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables and if you’re a meat-eater note of how the animals were treated before and after they were killed. This will even have quite an effect on the vibrational level of the meat you’re eating. Also, chicken and fish have a better vibrational level than meat does. An honest rule is that if it’s a foot may be a lower vibration for you to consume.
• hear uplifting music
• Dance around your house… set free
• Do any healthy activities that bring a smile to your face
• Exercise
• Laugh
• Let the daylight hit your skin
• Meditate
• Keep a journal noting how various things and other people cause you to feel
• If you would like to mention something say it. don’t keep feelings bottled in. If
you are not comfortable telling someone something write it down on a
piece of paper and wait a couple of days. the earlier you catch on out the higher.
• Salt baths
• Keep high vibrational stones/crystals around you like tanzanite and quartz.
This is a general list and may not be for everybody but it works when given a chance. It is easy to get off track and away from your higher self. So, what I would like to recommend to most is to keep a journal for a week or 2 and write down any little thing that you simply notice that you are feeling happy or sad. Anything in the way of your happiness must go! This may have amazing impacts on every area of your life and can aid in bringing the very best good into your life. Wishing you all love and enlightenment.

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