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ORGASM IS LIGHT ENERGY: HOW TO GET SEXY BACK Why are you afraid of the light? Orgasms are not taboo neither are they always of a sexual nature. Keeping this emotional energy in the shadows of your core doesn’t do the world any favors. This world has more than it’s share of Havey Dent’s. Be true to yourself and you will achieve success and the best sex of your lives. You surely cannot achieve success if you walk around with your head down hoping to not be noticed through your career. You cannot succeed without possessing some degree of personal magnetism. This magnetism is your aura aka your light. Enter our shared domain. No worries, the door won’t hit you in the ass.

The horseshoe above the door may clunk you on the head, however. As you proceed, energetically observe our domain and its vortex. Feel the energies of the electromagnetic frequencies emitting through the universe, through your body, before being shared with your neighbors and earth. Are you feeling a little light-headed or a little flushed? Good, it must be your first time. Relax and breath, slowly, we will be gentle.

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Orgasm Is Energy of Enlightenment ——————————   No matter how great may be your ability to read and understand a woman or a man, that growth, that law, require time as well as intelligent effort. 25% of this intelligence comes from the ability to sense another’s energy. You get your sexy back when you can raise another’s vibration at will. No matter how poor may be your ability in such respect, that growth is certain if you put reasonable time and genuine effort into its acquisition. You entered the Twilight Zone all grown up yet not having a clue to what this life is really about.

The giant trees of the Amazon Rain Forest were once puny saplings. The slow lapse of time has drawn nature into their mighty veins. Magnetism can no more be acquired by the mere thought, or by the hurried practice of vortex’s directions, than can these giants of the Amazon Jungle be produced in the hot-house culture of a northern summer.

Orgasmic Flow is naturally slow. Its principles, its methods, and the results of its vibration have to be deeply sunk into and absorbed and assimilated by the subjective self before the reaction of magnetism in the objective life can be obtained. If you have read these lines correctly, you have learned that orgasmic flow cannot be hurried.

These frequencies are placed here because had they appeared before you entered the pathway of our shared domain, the outlook would have seemed, perhaps, discouraging, but especially because they would not have been understood.

You until now believed that you have experienced pleasure, desire, and magnetism because you have toiled to create a door to nowhere in particular, just so you can afford to smile at such possible discouragement. You have paid an easy price for magnetic power still not realizing that it is yours and you need to own it and control it, for the gains discount the pains.
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