The Party, The Red, The Blue, and the Fool

Party Politics
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Whose Side Are You Really Choosing?

The party asks you to pick a side. You, your values, interests, and ideas are never on the ticket. However, they do serve as talking points, at times. Oftentimes, it’s just that, talk.

As I pen this article, America is full of hype over its upcoming presidential election. Are you the Republican Party or Democrat Party? Are you for Trump or Biden? All this jazz, all this smoke & mirrors.

The questions this post will examine are what is the Party and its purpose. For a backdrop, recall the story of “Animal Farm“.

Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. The book tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy. Wikipedia

The party is nothing more than a dictatorship (Big Bad Wolf) in sheep’s clothing. The party is the rule of a part of the whole. It is a superficial democracy that establishes assemblies, committees, think tanks, and propaganda through its members.

The party is comprised of people of common interest, perception, belief, culture, and geographical region that in and of itself can not be defined as a democratic instrument. Why not? Because it serves as a means to an end.

The end is to impose will and dominion of one elite group’s beliefs, questionable values, and interests over society as a whole. The party aims to exalt power under the pretext of democracy to carry out its program.

If the party were a democratic instrument it wouldn’t serve to govern a whole people with diverse interests, temperaments, beliefs, ideas, and regions. In essence, it is a dictatorial instrument of government. Within society as a whole, it represents a minority.

The purpose of a party’s plan is to simply, rule over people rather an individual is a member of such a party’s plan or not. It is an arbitrary authoritarian concept. It’s rules, bills, and mandates are used to dominate over the people.

The party presupposed accession to power is force over substance to attain its ends. It dupes the people into believing that their interests and the peoples’ interests are one and the same. By so doing, they justify party dictatorship.

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The established parties maintain their control by fighting off the inclusion of other parties. They rather not intensify the struggle for power. By design, it results in the neglect of any benefit or achievement for the people.

The party does not answer to the people. It seeks self-justification to undermine the position of rule so that no opposing party can replace it. The people get front row seats to witness them denounce and denigrate the actions of each other.

This staged sideshow is inevitably waged at the expense of the supposed higher and vital interests of the society. Most, if not all, of those higher and vital interests, will fall prey to the struggle for power between instruments of government. Its design is for the destruction of those interests and it supports the opposition in their argument against the ruling party or parties.

Problem, Reaction, Solution. In order to rule, the opposition party has to appear on the surface to defeat the existing instrument of government. Government achievement must be minimized to cast doubt on its plans even when those plans are beneficial to the society at large.

Consequently, people’s interests and programs become the victims of the parties’ struggle for power. Such a perceived struggle is, therefore, politically, socially, and economically destructive to society.

This struggle results in victory for the opposing party though it is simply another instrument of government; the fall of one party, and the rise of another. The defeat is of the people, a defeat for democracy. Further, parties are legally and illegally bribed and corrupted from within and without.

The highest form of deceit is the partisan game for it is a farce based upon the illusion of democracy. It is authoritarian and selfish, full of intrigue, political games, false flags, and other maneuvres. This my kindred and brethren is a form of dictatorship, it does not matter the name that it chose to give to itself.

Just as in the Roman Empire, the party is the archenemy of the people and its supporters. Neither party is there for checks and balances of the other. It’s a game of back and forth, replacing each other rules while furthering the same agendas. That is to say, control is in the hands of the ruling party, and power is in the hands of the controlling party.

When we pull the covers back, we find deception, falseness, and invalidity of all political theories that dominate the world today.

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What are the elements of democracy? We shall count the ways.
1) The party represents a segment of the people, but the sovereignty of the people is indivisible.

2) The party allegedly governs on behalf of the people, but in reality, the true principle of democracy is based upon the notion that there can be no representation in place of the people.

In the days before imperialism, a party only represented one tribe or sect of people. It only represented the perception of a certain group in one sector of the general population. The party was always a minority when compared to the population as a whole.

Back in the day, only the blood-relationship distinguished a tribe from a party, and, indeed, a tribe might also be the basis for the foundation of a party. Today, we find the blood-relationships are among the party elite who does not recognize the tribe.

3) There is no difference between party struggle and the people’s struggles for power. Just as the tribal and sectarian rule is politically unacceptable and inappropriate, likewise the rule under a party system.

Both are to follow the same path and lead to the same end. The negative and destructive effects of the people’s struggle on society are identical to the negative and destructive effects of the party struggle.

4) The political class system is the same as a party, tribal, or sectarian system since a class dominates society in the same way that a party, tribe, or sector of the population would.
Classes, like parties, sects, or tribes, are groups of people within society who share like interests.

They share kindred ship, social rank, economic interests, culture, beliefs, self-identities, a standard of living, and locality. The common good serves as the common end.

When the objectives of the collective forms into a government entity, the people are neither the class, the party, the tribe nor the sect, for there are no more than a segment of the people and constitute a minority. Thus, when the power of the people is handed to the governmental body, that government becomes a dictatorship.

There is not a party in existence that embrace all of the people, The minority is ruling over the majority aka the people.

5) Under genuine democracy, there can be no justification for any one class to subdue other classes for its interests. Under a dictatorship, the party crushes others for their interests.
It is not logical to call subduction, suppression, and oppression a democracy.

The dictatorial argument is that the populous consists of numerous segments that must undertake the liquidation of human resources to remain in power. This justifies their right to use force.

This represents the interests of a few who claim to speak for society, not the people. The power of the party increases with sovereignty and sanctity is surrendered by the people to the party for a paper-thin house of safety.

The heir of the party acquires the traits of those from whom it inherits, in America’s case, it’s slaveowners.

The members of the newly formed society will assume the attitudes and perspectives appropriate to their newly evolved characteristics. What this means is the moral, material standard, and importance of each member of society becomes unequal.

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Thus, we find revolving election cycles with each party struggling to dominate the will of society. The people of the society are subjected and encouraged to become instruments of the government.

Any society which undergoes a class and equality conflict may at one time have been a one-class society but, through evolution, inevitably becomes a multi-class society.

The class that expropriates and acquires the possession of human capital to maintain power for itself will soon find that, through evolution, it will be itself subject to change as though it were the society as a whole.

In summary, all attempts at unifying the base of a society under any government principle have failed. It must fail in any mathematical logic. We know this because all endeavors aimed at appeasing the masses through the election of representatives have equally failed.

The continuance of this cycle is a waste of time and makes a mockery of the people.

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