Has COVID made You A Punk?

COVIDISo does the general public appears to me as I do not witness the COVID pushback that seems to be collective and ongoing throughout many parts of the world. There are pockets of course but not in a truly collective way.

Meanwhile… one can not erase the fact that governments do not solve problems. They create them.

Anyone recalls when I cautioned the congress’s bill H.R. 6666 would dispatch mobile vaccine enforcement groups to go door-to-door, compelling individuals to be infused with synthetically bound immunization shots at gunpoint?

At the time I originally cautioned this was coming, numerous individuals thought that it was hard to accept.

No more.

This is 2020, and now the full oppression of the clinical police state is in plain view for the whole world to see. Actually, numerous neighborhood governments are excited to reveal their clinical oppression projects, and they do as such with facilitated P.R. declarations, shirts, and a full-in media barrage.

With the sort of composed exhibition you may regularly hope to find in a region of socialist China, the City of Houston, Texas has declared another program that will “haphazardly” select Houston inhabitants who will be shock visited at their homes by city authorities and paramedics looking to draw blood from each individual living at that address as a major aspect of some terrific pandemic clinical examination “for everyone’s benefit.”

Basically, there will be a thump on your door, and on the off chance that you open that entryway, you will be welcomed with needle-grasping “specialists” who will request that you and all your relatives round out profoundly nosy structures and submit to a blood draw. Your blood will at that point be dissected and added to an administrative data set, attached to all the individual data you gave up on the structure, all under the pretense of a “neutralizer study.”

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From what we’ve seen up until now, no city official has yet said the program is deliberate. “If we knock on your door, I strongly encourage you and your loved ones to participate in this important survey,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. “The data you provide by participating will help inform strategies to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.” said in a public statement gave by the Houston Health Department.

The clinical experimentation groups will all be wearing shirts that read, “Better. Together.” as a feature of the programming/teaching preparing. The very motto “Better together” is a collectivist/Marxist trademark that implies singular rights and opportunities must be relinquished for “everyone’s benefit” of society.

This is actually what you may hope to find in socialist China, where singular freedom is non-existent and all individuals must expose themselves to the intensity of the State.

As the HHD public statement clarifies:

Teams consisting of Houston Health Department staff and Houston Fire Department paramedics will visit randomly selected homes across Houston, asking household members to answer survey questions and provide a blood sample.

The whole plan is being composed of — think about who? — the CDC, Rice University, and Baylor College of Medicine. It’s being called a “neutralizer testing study” however the Houston Health Department at that point guarantees a blood draw test, “doesn’t supplant oral or nasal swab viral testing… ”

Pause, what? So on the off chance that you get your blood drawn for this COVID clinical investigation, you despite everything need to expose yourself to nasal swabs, as well?

Look at the City of Houston reporting this “energizing turn of events” in the video underneath, and note the person never says this is deliberate. The record follows:

Official: This is an exciting development. Our partners with the CDC, Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, and this health department, are going to be embarking on a trial where we are going to be, in advance, randomly selecting addresses across the city. We will be visiting those residences and asking people to participate in this trial.

When your home should be selected, a team consisting of a Houston Health Department employee wearing a “Better.Together.” t-shirt along with a paramedic from the Houston Fire Department, will arrive and explain to you that you are one of the ones, your home is one of the ones that was randomly selected to participate in the program. If that should occur, what you can expect is there will be a simple questionnaire to be filled out and we would ask that would be for every member of the household.

It’s not difficult. It’s pretty straightforward questions. Of course, there will be no questions related to things like Social Security number, bank accounts. None of those types of things. So, if anyone should show up asking those that, that is not us.  We have no interest in that. We are never ever asking those questions. But we will ask about if you have had signs and symptoms of COVID.

If you’ve been exposed to anyone that you know that has/had COVID. Things along those lines. Medical, COVID-related questions. We’ll then ask if we can obtain a blood sample from each member of the household.

Words you never need to hear: You’ve been “arbitrarily chosen” to “volunteer” for a significant medical/clinical experiment run by the CDC

Almost certainly on the off chance that you answer “yes” to any inquiries regarding indicating COVID side, err…, direct effects, you will be hailed for obligatory clinical capturing and migration to the sort of FEMA isolate camps that are presently quickly extending in Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, if your blood tests show that you have whatever antibodies they’re searching for, they will return to your home — since they know where you live — to request you “volunteer” more blood for clinical exploration.

Strikingly, the CDC is essential for this examination, and the CDC guarantees the ability to coercively grab anybody whenever and move them to an isolation camp without wanting to, totally outside of fair treatment.

Indeed, the CDC can assign you to be a danger to general wellbeing and tear separated your family, take your home, and detain you in a clinical isolate camp with no fair treatment at all. This is current U.S. law under any pandemic “crisis.”

It makes one wonder: Who might be sufficiently idiotic to submit to this clinical oppression in any case? There is no upside for any individual who may be solidly equipped into taking an interest in this COVID clinical analysis. You just remain to lose: Your security, your privileges, your blood, your home, and your family.

My recommendation to each one of those living in Houston is basic: If one of these COVID clinical experimentation groups appears at your entryway and requests to take blood from you and all your relatives:

1) Lock your entryway and advise them to go f##k themselves.

2) Start recording video as quickly as time permits. Transfer that video to ready for any or all video social platforms.

3) Call the police and clarify you are being undermined by individuals imitating city authorities and compromising you with savagery (puncturing your skin with a needle is clinical brutality).

Clarify you advised the individuals to leave and they are can’t, and they are illegally entering private property without a warrant.

4) Ready a gun for self-preservation. Try not to start savagery, however, get ready to protect your home and your life on the off chance that they strongly enter your “palace.” You might be going to be attacked and fiercely assaulted by a clinical attack group that puts no worth at all on your security, your wellbeing, or your life.

5) If they break into your home, shooting them in self-protection is your legitimate right in the State of Texas. You reserve each option to protect your body, your family, and your home against vicious assailants and intruders, regardless of whether they guarantee to do clinical analyses in the interest of the CDC.

Once more, don’t start savagery, however, you reserve each option to protect yourself against their viciousness. The most ideal choice in this is to just abstain from noting your entryway in any case.

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Even better, move out of each Democrat-run city and departure to free America, which is rustic America where moronic authorities don’t pull stunts like this for the straightforward explanation that they aren’t self sufficiently destructive to need to get the show and violate their own wellbeing when they were truly attempting to take others’ blood. (Two can play the “blood draw” game, things being what they are… )

It nearly abandons saying, however on the off chance that some “Better Together” group winds up on my entryway patio in rustic Texas, they will have a wide range of blood for neutralizer tests… their own blood, that is, likely from at least one of my farm canines that whittled down their can as they stumbled into a field or two, evading teeth and paws as they passed various “no access” signs and some way or another scaled numerous spiked metal steers fences and avoided tall hills of fire ants and nopal prickly plant spines.

No big surprise they intend to carry their own paramedics to such endeavors… they’re going to require the injury units!

Last note to Houston city authorities: Showing up unannounced, unforeseen, at irregular homes in Texas — requesting blood from all the individuals who live there — must be the stupidest clinical thought I’ve at any point heard.

It could just originate from a lot of botching Democrats who are so ignorant regarding science that they figure men can get pregnant and ladies can deliver sperm. They despise everything don’t realize that chromosomes decide your sex, not some pixie enchantment wishing wand that you wave over your groin.

To try and feel that these maniacs could ably draw blood, dissect blood, and run any significant measurable investigation on antibodies is to envision that pigeons can play chess.

It’s each of the tricks. These purported “authorities” are against human evil presences. They presumably need your blood for a type of wiped out pentagram witches’ blend spells or something also distorted like the well known “soul cooking” suppers where they feast on human blood in the storm cellars of “elite” benefactors.

These maniacs wouldn’t perceive genuine science or medication in the event that they stumbled over it, yet when they state they need your blood, you ought to trust them. They do need it, however not for some general wellbeing program, for the good of God.

The reality? With regards to COVID, avoid all authorities, period. They are looking for trouble, and they’re clearly lying about their expectations. For all we know, they’re presumably going around Houston infusing individuals with another strain of the Wuhan COVID so as to spread the pandemic and keep their weaponized lockdowns set up, pounding human opportunities with an end goal to political dictatorship.

In the event that they need blood so severely, they can go drain each other out on the means of Houston City Hall and help all of us out. All things considered, this whole pandemic is government-created, UN agenda in any case.

They constructed it, they delivered it, and now they need our blood? Get REAL. End the bad dream of COVID-19, make government our bitches, fire all the degenerate administrators, and establish equal opportunities and justice across America.

For more information about the antibody survey, visit the city of Houston’s website.

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