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For us, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically we must arrive at a place where we begin to feel, feel the spirit the energy that we are created from. We must stop out thinking ourselves and permit sheer love to come in and be a part of the lovemaking process.
We also have to have our spirit and our energy along with vibration aligned to begin downloading the earth’s frequencies. Let energy flow in loading us into a state of ecstasy We begin by taken deep breaths and holding and then slowly releasing. In one, two, three and release slowly. In, one, two, three, four, five, and release. We repeat with each time holding our breaths a second or two longer.
We do this until we become a little light-headed We think about nothing other how the energies within and around you feel. Become one with these energies. Your ancestors are within this energy. It’s okay, they’re your angels. They’re your spiritual guide. Let the energies in and fill your core with them. You’re ONE. You’re POWERFUL beyond imagination Let it move you.
Let it excite you. Motivate you. Allow the frequencies to turn you on and turn you out The Interchange is therefore high you have something that not even doing drugs could ever compare. Just feel with a clear and spotless mind. Get out of your way to allow stored energy to resonate.
The mind is not our friend when you’re having an orgasm. You can’t be thinking about this or that, new or old, this creates and brings in negative energy. You should not be thinking about abuse, or be self-conscious about your body. You can’t be thinking about the things we need to do. Neither can you be angry living in a state of fear.
The body has to be open and vulnerable. You should not be thinking about what your partner’s breast looks like or. One’s body has to be open and free because it’s the vehicle out of your mind that we aren’t. You know what you don’t know, what you do want to know, what you don’t want you to know, what you do I need to know, what you don’t know, what you do on your know, what you don’t want you to know. What is it that you’re creating by the Fall? Is it going where the wind blows that’s complaining about whatever they’re complaining about and feeling about whatever is happening?

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When you decide that you’re going to take control of your relationship to who you really are when you decide that you’re going to tend to this gap between you wherever you’re on whatever subject that express who you really are, and what you know about the same now life is going to take a new form and shape for you. You will begin to feel exhilarated you’re going to feel satisfied we will see you as someone who creates and infused with tremendous power while the unknowing will call you “lucky”.
I figured out my relationship with myself and I’m constantly aware of my vibrational relationship with nature. Who I really am and what I really want. I’m a vibrational state of being which is a precursor of all positive motion forward of all it’s. I had to experience trauma, disappointment, and rejection and allowed these disparities to control my life for we will over 50yrs before I came into this awareness. I have since learned that all that I had to do was to allow myself to feel. To feel the energies within. To feel the energies without. To intertwine these forces and allow them to resonate. I learned that I have to harvest these life forces and then use them to manifest my desired destiny.
What if I told you that you’re very perception or idea of who you are has been weaved into your mind over time? What if you don’t agree with what your mind has to tell you? I have always had an inquiring mind. I have always questioned everything. I felt the need to get to the bottom of everything and never took anything at face value I am walking with you.
I walk with you to expose the connection between your mind, who you think you are, and the potential onset of disease if you don’t prescribe yourself a permission slip to heal. This is much bigger than my own experience. It’s a greater experience than your own. This is a shared Universal Experience and you have been invited rather you knew it or not. From conception until death all of us are born as blank slates. We all have been programmed through our experiences, beliefs about who we are, what we can achieve in life, and what type of person we have to be. I also, want to relate something else to you. Sometimes our habits/patterns don’t serve us.
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These patterns are what disease is made of. It’s depression, it’s obesity, and the list goes on I spent nearly 20yrs suffering from the disease of depression and didn’t even realize it. For me, it started with a vicious attack I received from four pit bulldogs. Both of my hands, and both of my feet, we are injured. It took approximately 2yrs before I started walking with a normal gate again. It took 5yrs to regain 90% of my right-hand function where it was at 5% after injury. The original diagnosis was that I’d gain about 40-50% of my hand. I had PTSD and had nightmares of the dog attack for four years The PTSD lingered for all of those years because I didn’t feel like myself anymore. It took nearly twenty years to emotionally and psychologically heal. I went through the process of doubting myself where I never doubted myself before I became deeply depressed after losing a job that I saw a future with.
It was not a mindful or joyous future, kinda life-draining one in fact, however a future none the less. It was after this set-back that I found myself sitting under a tree and feeling absolutely nothing. I covered my face with my hands and took in deep breaths. Holding them longer and longer. Well, I had an out-of-body experience that day The pain in my head, soul, and spirit began to dissipate bit by bit, little by little. It felt odd at first and I questioned myself: “Hey what’s going on”? I just took calm and deep breaths again until feeling light-headed I am walking with you through the science of how the mind and body can interact to achieve a state of healing. How to harvest these energies and then manifest them into a state of bliss, fulfillment, and wealth that however a few can measure.
You have the power to deliver a certain level of shock on their mind which therefore sends distress signals down the nervous system which in turn will tell the endocrine system to increase adrenaline. Our minds compound all new situations over time without ever letting them go. Every situation builds upon each other therefore the real reason we experience stress, in reality, is for our good for our safety. We must not become therefore intelligent that our minds become what limits us.
You might have the intention to set what you want to be had. Now you must get comfortable and create a Sacred Space for yourself. The power of crystals is helpful as we will. You can send your manifestations through your crystals.
Hold your intention and if you’re with a partner you both want to be holding the intention. Setting the intentions together or what you want to be creating. Envision the home and see what it’s like to be in the home the feeling is a very important part of creating manifest. Intention, that’s a very very powerful strong energy.
Not only will you be setting your intentions with your partner’s feelings and emotions will also be feeding our intentions and that’s what we are going to do. You can use calm, relaxing or Tantra music, ascended masters, archangels, Aphrodite, or Mary Magdalene or Jesus whoever you wish to assist you in your experience.
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Call upon the spirits to help you and collaborate with the intention that you’re trying to manifest Hold the intentions of what you’re trying to create and building that energy out from the Sacral Chakra and use that energy. Build up your Kundalini energy, orgasmic energy, the energy within. As your building, the energy keeps your intentions on your heart’s desires and what you’re manifesting.
When you come to the orgasm and when you’re in that state of orgasm, state your intentions out loud. This is the point where we are sending the intention to the Universe through the power of the spoken word.
The creative life-force energy after you come to the orgasm is yours and it’s sacred. It’s shared with the cosmos and the force shall be with you. When everything’s done and you feel the time is right you can close and thank yourself, Jesus, thank God, or any spirit or deity of your choosing.

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