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We have plenty of social things and it’s extremely enveloped with feelings and as we practice our mindfulness of eating, we may focus on that for five minutes or 10 minutes or more but there’s also an opportunity to anytime that we’re eating or throughout the day we can bring our mindfulness to help us reconnect with the present moment.
Notice when we’re feeling hungry is there what else is going on there. Also, we may notice that when we’re practicing our mindfulness of eating, we may connect more with the enjoyment of eating, particularly with healthy foods.
It’s been an encouragement to us as we’re refreshing our diets we hope that my philosophy and meditation may be a support to you in refreshing your diet.
Without further ado let’s get started like with other meditations you want to find a quiet environment to sit comfortably for this meditation. We may sit in a chair and as we start out practicing being mindful of our eating.
Start with one simple food item it could be a few raisins it could be a piece of chocolate, it could be an apple something that’s healthy and let’s bring some attention to the experience of eating.
I’ll share with you a few tips on this experience and then you can apply that to your own experience of eating so what you want to do is find that comfortable seat. With your feet on the floor your back in alignment upright but yet flexible posture.
We shall engage all the senses so if you have that in front of you. Let’s start by looking at it observing it, noticing the color and texture. Observe the food as if for the first time. Looking at it in your hand, you notice how firm it feels and how nutritious it looks.
Considering where it comes from considering that in this food there is water there is sunlight wherever this came from that this food is truly a miracle all the things that had to come together to create this food. All the people who brought this to you. Considering all of that and sitting with that for a moment.
Taste the food noticing what the sensation is like. As you take a bite bring your attention to your jaw and your mouth as you’re chewing throughout this experience.
Envision the sensation of eating as if you’re practicing a loving-kindness meditation noticing all the sensations that arise in our body. As we are eating start slowing down our process and in coming into the present moment into our bodies. When we’re eating we’re giving ourselves a chance to be with the experience to savor it and to slow down and also to watch what happens in the mind as we’re eating slowly.
What is your mind doing? Are you wanting to rush are do you want to eat a lot more? Are you impatient or are you feeling more at peace? Are you just observing all those things that can go on in the experience? We want to bring that self-compassion so we’re gentle with ourselves.
Changing the way we’re eating is challenging and a lot of things can come up for us. As we just observe what we eat; we need not judge the feelings that come up around eating. We can let them be and just observe whatever those feelings or even challenging feelings.
A lot of the research shows that applying self-compassion to ourselves particularly to exercise and healthy eating, a plainness of compassion can help us to more sustainably reach our goals.

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