Looking Through My Window In The Skin I’m In

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Skin Is A Weapon

When the color of your skin is a weapon there is no place to hide. How does one achieve and maintain mindfulness when society is only mindful of his skin? Never a consideration given to the inner-emotions that are precast into a sunken place.

Social Engineers has stowed upon him several names over the years with most being of a degrading nature and even a now common name that holds no meaningful significance in terms of any true identity.

Black, although not a true representation of his skin tone is a representation of his lot in society. A connotation of everything dark, viewed as a negative aspect of society in the pits of hell, rotting souls that have been abandoned casting a dark cloud over their heads thwarting their souls into a deep depression.

When your skin color is a weapon you are judged before ever uttering a word. Your presence is a danger. Peace Officers draw their guns exiting their vehicles because of an improper lane change. It means lead-contaminated water purposely piped into your homes. Your very being becoming such a threat that you could be killed in a place of worship.

In America, her dream is your nightmare. In America being black means there is no justice to be had because her Constitution proclaims that you are merely 3/5ths of a person.

So it is not of fact but the truth that no man can overcome his predefined destiny. Man’s growth, loves, fears, hopes, origins, the social construct of race, and beliefs are nothing more than collections of atoms that can not prevent his demise to the grave.

All of his devotion, genius, and labor are destined for extinction, at least upon this earthy plane as he drifts into the vast universe.

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Oh, how foolish are men? Higher greed and savage need to control denies him of his purpose. His purpose as it were, is Higher Intelligence. Springing from the threshold of galactic light from earth’s vortex to dimensions that his flesh could never hold.

From the earth’s field of intelligence to universal consciousness he would’ve found the essence of true energy and immortal life.

Yeah sure, I am very mindful of these things and forever grateful for the eternal love that the universe brings. It never last and this leaves me picking up the crumbs that America has left to find salvation.

Being conscious that one’s skin is a weapon also means knowing that you are playing a rigged game. By governmental design, you live a life of oppression in education, housing, medical care, employment, and worthiness. These factors leave every “Black Family” broken.

Putting my head in the sand or portraying to be a compulsory educated, well-mannered prototype of a wannabe “White”, aka “Good Nigger” doesn’t sit well with my soul. Yet, this is what America expects of me.

According to one of America’s most decorated physicians Dr. Samuel Adolphus Cartwright, I have a disease called “Drapetomania”. In 1851 he published “Report On The Diseases and Physical Peculiarities Of The Negro race” in The New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, a reputable scholarly publication, that claimed that Blacks that ran away from their masters had a mental disease.

A runaway slave is mania mad or crazy. It is unknown to our medical authorities, although its diagnostic symptoms be absconding from service, is well known to our planters and overseers.

In noticing a disease that, therefore, is hitherto classed among the long list of maladies that man is subject to, it was necessary to have a new term to express it.

The cause in most cases that induces the Negro to run away from service is as much a disease of the mind as any other species of mental alienation, and much more curable as a general rule.”

Cartwright used the Bible to solidify his narrative. He proclaimed that the Bible calls for a slave to be submissive to his master, and by doing so, a healthy slave will have no desire to run away.

If the white man attempts to oppose the Deity’s will, by trying to make the negro anything else than “the submissive knee-bender” (which the Almighty declared he should be), by trying to raise him to a level with himself, or by putting himself on an equality with the negro; or if he abuses the power which God has given him over his fellow-man, by being cruel to him, or punishing him in anger, or by neglecting to protect him from the wanton abuses of his fellow-servants and all others, or by denying him the usual comforts and necessaries of life, the negro will run away; but if he keeps him in the position that we learn from the Scriptures he was intended to occupy, that is, the position of submission; and if his master or overseer be kind and gracious in his hearing towards him, without condescension, and at the same time ministers to his physical wants, and protects him from abuses, the negro is spell-bound, and cannot run away.”

Spirituality and religion are comprised of what most think in terms of higher values. I come away thinking that most of which as invalidated nonsense. What is ethics? Could this rhetoric be the proper conduct of life? Dr. Cartwright’s doctrine sure seems to be the blueprint for America.

Confederate president Jefferson Davis was advised by Cartwright that “the Confederacy should utilize slaves as soldiers in place of “our tenderly bred gentlemen”.

When ideas such as these run through the veins of your homeland “America” it becomes a hill that is most treacherous to clime when your skin is viewed as a weapon. These ideas are noted as more than philosophical theories but as scientific facts.

If it were philosophical it would present an argument to be believed or disbelieved in a logical format and wouldn’t present as hard a pathological blow on our lives. When these beliefs are internalized below consciousness it shapes perceptions and thoughts. Those who believe become enslaved by it.

In modern and now plandemic society of psychology has demonstrated time and time again that much of what we call “perception” is not a forward way of thinking because perception often becomes reality. A matrix reality that is automated with biased beliefs and conditioning to validate what is programmed in your mind to believe.

If “Seeing is believing,” we will serve ourselves well by considering the opposite also:

Believing is seeing.” Further, the “reality” you obviously “see” is a major

determinant of what you feel or what you want to feel, so your slanted perception can instill strong bias in your emotions.

If you deeply and unconsciously believe, that people of dark skin are basically brutal and nasty, that they’re mere chimpanzees at heart, you’ll “see” instance after instance of it. You’ll see what you want to see. It’s not a conscious validation of data, facts, and assessments.

The term “Black” has never occurred to me as shameful. As I have grown older, I’ve grown into it more through mindfulness. It has helped me to firmly believe that not only I but society at large needs to seek greater truth about people and the world.

If my skin is a weapon to you then so be it. My mind, soul, love, and awareness are not only my defense mechanisms but also my keys to eternal life. Through mindfulness, I’ve developed a self-correction process and built into that a filter that sifts out erroneous views and reinforces useful ones.

Meanwhile, in the short run, we need to know ourselves as well as our world in order to live more effective lives. My Skin Is A Weapon and Mindfulness Is My Prescription.


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