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Is your life an Orgasm? I know that my life isn’t an orgasmic experience often enough but I’m working on it. Will you help me? I see a deeper love affair generally these days as I begin to take notice of all the things around as if they were new. I am fulfilled and take gratitude because they are there. I’ve come into over-standing that it’s not realistic to love myself or to respect myself per se, for it takes another for these experiences to occur. I can embrace myself with my experiences to the function where I don’t even see people. If I am told that I’m in love with people I wouldn’t feel it’s a great thing.

At this point, the experience would be a burden as opposed to a feeling of fulfillment. I’m not in love because love is still a kind of a transaction this is a certain dimension of the inclusive line. In my experience, there is nobody else on this plane nobody else in this existence just me in my experience. I don’t see myself and somebody else. I just be myself so this is not even devotion, this is not love, this is just inclusiveness. Devotion is what I learn from inclusiveness. It is just a deeper love affair. A simple pleasure is just that simple and self-pleasure is just an illusion. Devotion is a space where the physical activity and the mental experience works together as one. An orgasm depending upon the keenness and intensity of your mental experience and your physical activity takes on a different level of give it all.

There are indeed levels to this. One level of intensity generally, is to find oneself looking down upon an emotion. Here we find something less than intellect which I think slowly people are realizing they’re talking about emotional intelligence because emotion is capable of being of a higher intensity than intellect in many ways. Intellect has a cervical length. Intellect is limited to the confines of your physical and mental awareness. It’s those things outside of the body and beyond mental reasoning that makes something like emotion so powerful. Intellect is horizontal when you are laying and vertical when you are upright. Emotion is horizontal, vertical, diagonal, in, out, as well as perpendicular all at the same time.

Devotion can pull the emotional and the intellectual together in one space, one time, one experience, and can have a helluva orgasm with no one else around. Consciousness by being identified with limited things like your own body, your own mind, your own culture, your perceived religion, what your family thinks of you is devoid of untapped resources and possibilities. Consciousness, with that kind of limitation the existence is all-inclusive. Life isn’t a journey nor should it be. Life is an otherworldly experience or it should be. Life is meant to be an ORGASM.

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