The Pandemic Is Bringing Out Our Superpowers

Pandemic We Winning
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Pandemic Plandemic every crisis is a mimic. In motion pictures they send it. When it don’t work they mend it. They’re trying to shoot my will and I’m offended. Pandemonium, let’s end it. Keep our heads up. We can win it.

I keep running though I’m winded. I got SOUL, so I spend it.  I got intellect so I flip it. Crying Mother Umph a pandemic! No vaccinations up in me. Peace & Love is systemic. Vibrations, Semitic. Langauge confusion, condemn it. By the power of God, I command it! It’s our time to plan DAMMIT!!!

I write about issues I’ve noticed, researched, learned, or have skilled, all with a critical and mindful eye.

As an optimistic non-believer, I search for cracks to escape the artificial reality that we find ourselves in. So, once I see how issues actually are, I ponder on how I can flip chaos, confusion, contradictions, and/or practices into optimistic change. I’ve never been good at being a follower.

The pandemic/plandemic has created a divide in how we think, interact, love, and react. Most don’t see things the way that I do. I get frustrated sometimes when others don’t see what to me is oh so clear.

I don’t get all the fuss, excitement, desperation, and urgency of the political election cycle. After all, the government never solves any problem. From what I have examined, they create them and their think tanks predict the public reaction to said problem.

Like a knight in shiny armor, they manufacture a solution which in actuality is either a bandage or a distraction for a more imperialistic/oppressive, or sinister aim. More often than not it’s the latter.

The portrait of this political pandemic disaster is a vision of despair rather than hope to many due to an indoctrinated “savior” mentality.

Analysis exhibits that anxiousness and melancholy are off the charts and the pandemic has made it worse. A lot worse. Calculated? You bet. So why worry? There is so much that we could be doing. For that, we must first stop being government-citizen fools/tools.

For lessons, we need to look no further than Rome. All modern-day government is modeled after the former Roman Governmental structure. To this day, they perform secret Roman-Greco rituals in their clubs, societies, fraternities, and sororities.

Taking in the Romans’ thirst for riches, conquer, and control, one can clearly see that drastic measures are in store as desperation builds out of their fear of losing control.

There is a pot of gold at the end of this pandemic. There is an ending not revealed in The Game of Thrones. When you’ve removed every little thing resulting from this pandemic then your response to life, culture, love, awareness, and the way you carry your self shall be completely different.

What we should take from this pandemic is a way to find substance by way of reflection, peace, and sustainability as to what one’s life must be centered on. The power is in each of us. The emotional spectrum is vast and diversified. Any mixture of emotions is anticipated. If we don’t become overwhelmed by it we can win.

If nonetheless, fear is the driving force that directs your habits and interplay inside life, then your response to it will make you a puppet for the puppet masters. Hell, they have us on a string already with little to no eye contact, avoidance, and phrases of anger when one must work together with one another.

On the flip side, as I languish from a field of confusion and despair, bleeding out from my coronary heart, I express love, phrases of care, and motion in hope of serving others. Stunning!

As the coronavirus has brought to us government-mandated life modifications, so can we, do for ourselves without government interference. How we resolve to deal with issues is a selection – good or dangerous circumstances – nonetheless a selection. Not so simple for many.

The World is Closed
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So, who’s to say how we’re really going to answer any given state of affairs till we’re confronted with a state of affairs? This pandemic has forced us to examine life from a new lens. It has proven to us who we are and some of us now know that we have to make some changes; throughout complicated, hectic, difficult, and unexplainable instances.

This isn’t to say that when you behaved lower than the God-force within ‘your self’ – though every little thing speaks to self and the way we select to reply/react – it’s throughout a time of concern. Thus we become less than our human potential. Worry is usually irrational. We will become confused with what this emotion is telling us.

Significantly if we all know we’re doing all that we are capable of to remain wholesome and secure within our beings, our fear will subside. But if we activate and elevate our worry,  WHAM, fear escalates.

It’s an emotional dance.

Slip out of the darkness and into the consciousness of ourselves, the situation at hand, our emotions, as well as how we respond. Does this shit make sense? Are we overreacting? If we’re overreacting than it’s going to have an effect on our well-being.

Then ask; “What can I do to place myself in an optimistic way of thinking?”

We are all in this collectively, so we can find and define our way into what should be “normal” collectively. A method to try this is to apply kindness, practice mindfulness, and try a little tenderness. Mindful of ourselves. Mindfulness and kindness to others. The pandemic/plandemic can be bent to our will.

We must not do what we have always done. We have to fight back with love, intellect, and mindfulness as our gun. Together we can enforce our own plandemic/pandemic. Keep your heads up. We can WIN THIS!

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