Social Relationships Are The Ties That Bind

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Our society at large aka the social factor is the dynamic force of human history. Social bonding binds together human communities and builds families and the world at large is now asked to abandon the social factor by distancing and the silence/quarantine of healthy people.

When someone sacrifices for a cause they are often called a hero. But what causes? It’s not just any cause, they are very specific in nature. The one who is called a hero is the one whose cause is the sacrifice for the sake of others.

The relationship between an individual human and a community is a social one that governs the people’s interactions amongst themselves.

Social relationships are derived from society. Communities in a social relationship with one another are the essence of a nation that doesn’t necessarily require individual relationships among each member of the community or nation.

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The day and time are upon us and together we must form a historic movement. This means that the masses must fight for our common interest that differs from national mandates such as social distancing which in essence pull us apart. This entails the binding of communities.

A view of the masses at large overwhelmingly shows communities of each nation conquered and oppressed by another group.

From the individual to the family to the community to the nation, will benefit from a national or better yet world movement in the interest of the people.

As a group, we have common social needs that must be demanded in order, to be collectively satisfied. Individualism aside, our objectives of a nation/nations must become linked by a single plea. This plea is that no group is dominated by another.

The world is now facing crises that it has never witnessed before. We indeed my friends, find ourselves in a social struggle. This social struggle must mend itself into the support of nationalism.

We have a collective opportunity to make our mark that will be embedded in the physical and spiritual realm for eons if not eternity. This movement must in nature, be stronger than any other factor in modern times. It is the nature of the human group.

This is the building of a nation folks. Is it not the nature of life itself? Why then that every animal apart from man live in groups? Community is the basis of survival for every group in the animal kingdom. Nationalism is the basis for the survival of all nations.

We find ourselves today destine for ruin because collectively we have allowed nationalism to be destroyed. A virus by any name must not become larger than people and our common national interest. If a virus is allowed to snowball because of collective fear, it will explode and unity will no longer exist.

Unity is the basis for survival. Social relations are the thread that mends the fabric of unity. Social bonding is essential and with it, it works automatically to repel chaos and impel a nation towards survival.

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The writing is on the wall and as the gravity of an object works to form mass surrounding its core, we are empowered to form the same. When the factor of unity is destroyed and gravity is lost, we become individuals weakened as we become separately dispersed.

No theories are suggested here, this is the nature of matter. It stands as established natural law. To disregard or to fight against nature is rebelling against self-survival. Thus, disregarding or fighting against social bonding is the destruction of society and nationalism.

The social factor is the glue, the gravity, and the secret of survival. The social factor has no equal. It stands as an immortal truth in history. In comparison, religions which can be harmonious has created many divides. Religion has served as a basis of conflict and instability.

We have reached a point in human survival that harmony is the only natural solution for our collective ills.

Relationships in a personal sense need to be strengthened and we have to relearn the value and essence of marriage. Realizing what we are collectively facing, by its very nature, strengthens our unity thus, creating a collective growth within society.

The family when united is more important and stronger than the state. The family is the cradle, origin, and our social umbrella.

The state, the government, and the color of law are an artificial political, economic, and military system. When we nurture our families, like a plant it grows, its branches, stems, and blossoms.

No artificial political power, economic or military force can link us to nature, society, nationalism, or humanity.

Social decline and loss of family are inhuman, unnatural, and oppressive. Societies in which the existence and unity of the family blossoms like a garden or field where plants grow and pollinate naturally.

Society losses its value naturally when separated. A society without the family at its core is unnatural, without roots, and like artificial plants.

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