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Exploiting Black Women

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While the breast cancer industry does not overtly discriminate against black women in its campaign of enforced ignorance, the implications of this ignorance are far more severe for women of darker skin pigmentation. Breast cancer, you see, is well known to be exceedingly aggressive in black women, just as prostate cancer is similarly aggressive in men of color.

The cancer industry pretends to be baffled about this, ignoring the obvious answer to this dilemma — an answer that should have long ago been communicated to black men and women but, not coincidentally, remains censored from any discussion about cancer. To see this answer for yourself, examine the following chart showing cancer mortality amongst black women, broken down by state.

In this chart, you’ll notice a curious correlation between cancer and geography. Notice how all the highest rates of breast cancer are in the Northern states? (This is indicated by the red color in the chart.) Do you also see how all the lowest rates of breast cancer are in the Southern states? (White or pink on the chart.) The significance of this is about to become clear.

As this chart clearly shows, breast cancer rates in black women are correlated with sun exposure. The states with the least sunlight (Oregon and Washington on the West Coast, far Northern states like Minnesota and Eastern seaboard states) have the highest rates of breast cancer. Meanwhile, virtually all the states along the sunbelt (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Florida, etc.) have the lowest rates of breast cancer.

The explanation for this is so simple that a fourth grader could understand it (and yet our cancer industry remains baffled by it, or pretends not to recognize it): exposure to sunlight generates vitamin D in the skin, and vitamin D is one of the most potent anti-cancer nutrients known to modern science. Yet dark skin pigmentation blocks ultraviolet light like a natural sunscreen. Thus, dark skin blocks vitamin D creation, resulting in vitamin D deficiency that greatly increases the risk of not just breast cancer, but virtually all cancers.

Today, black women are so deeply deficient in vitamin D that an astonishing 92.5 percent of black babies are now born with vitamin D deficiencies (many have rickets as a result). The same research reveals that 66.1 percent of white babies are born vitamin D deficient. You can read the report on this research at

Accordingly, what black women desperately need to be told is to get more sunlight to prevent cancer, especially if they live in Northern latitudes or rainy climates. Yet the cancer industry today is doing precisely the opposite: warning everyone about the dangers of sunlight, scaring women away from the very (free) treatments that could help prevent cancer! By denying this information to black women, in particular, the cancer industry is in effect sentencing black women to near-certain breast cancer, a disease that will, of course, create a windfall of profits for Big Pharma — an industry dominated by rich white men.

Slavery of black men and women in the United States may have officially ended in 1863, but the cancer industry has figured out a clever way to continue generating profits from the backs of black men and women today: Keep them ignorant about the anti-cancer properties of sunlight, then soak them for their money when they buy into chemotherapy!

Medical enslavement

If you thought the days of exploitation of black women were long gone in the United States, think again: The cancer industry has built a brand new system of slavery based on keeping women ignorant, then exploiting their bodies for profit.

It’s still slavery, it’s just a lot more sinister and covert than in the days of southern plantations. Back then, many black women were made to pick cotton in the fields to enrich the white plantation owners. Today, black women are made to generate diseases that enrich the white drug company owners. It sounds insidious, and it is. But why use the threat of physical force when, by using pink ribbon campaigns and massive censorship efforts, the men in charge can convince women to enslave each other with symbols like pink ribbons?

If you’re angered by reading this, join the club! I’m so outraged by it that I spent hours researching and writing this report, only to give it away absolutely free. I gain nothing from you reading this report, other than the wrath of the cancer industry and all their lawyers who will no doubt try to censor this report just as they’ve censored the truth about anti-cancer foods, herbs, and sunlight (among other alternative treatments).

Many of you may find this all too evil to believe. But I’m not here to paint you some rosy picture of the history of the exploitation of women; I’m here to tell it like it is. And the enslavement of women — particularly black women — continues to this day, all under the name of “medicine.”

“[The cancer industry is] a market-driven industry that feeds off breast cancer survivors.” – Health Studies researcher Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons Inc.

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The many forms of financial slavery

Remember, slavery was primarily about the transfer of wealth from the enslaved to those who owned the slaves. It was a way of extracting productivity and money from one group of people and giving it to another, all enforced with the threat of violence.

Today, cancer medicine is ultimately about the same thing: moving money from the pockets of patients to the bank accounts of Big Pharma shareholders. And the way to extract profits from all women, and black women, in particular, is to make sure they are denied access to information that could help them prevent disease, thereby assuring high rates of diseases requiring enormous treatment expenses which are, by the way, sold under a monopoly system of medicine run by rich white men.

And just like in the old days of slavery, it’s all enforced by the threat of violence or death. In the slavery days, slaves were controlled by the threat of the whip (or other violent weapons). Today, black women are controlled by the cancer industry with the threat of death: “You’ll die in six months if you don’t let us inject you with these expensive, toxic drugs.” And thanks to the power of suggestion and placebo, that statement in and of itself is a death sentence to any patient who believes their oncologist (and most patients do). Thus, cancer doctors cause extreme harm whether they administer treatments or not. Simply listening to a single statement from a conventional oncologist can, all by itself, cause tremendous harm.

Are you starting to get the picture? I realize that telling the truth about all this is so exceedingly rare that it may be shocking to read. Very few people are willing to stand up and say about the cancer industry, “The Emperor has no clothes!” But this industry, which thrives on disease, fear, and the control of women, deserves to be exposed. The exploitation of women has gone on far too long in this country, and far too many mothers, daughters, and grandmothers have lost their lives to toxic chemotherapy treatments that were entirely unnecessary. We have lost members of four generations of women to this insidious cancer industry, and it is time to end the censorship, the exploitation, and the profiteering that trades women’s lives for shareholder profits.

Censored solutions

Everything not controlled by conventional medicine and the profit-seeking drug companies is discredited as quackery. All the supporting evidence is thrown out, and conventional doctors even scare women away from therapies that could help them by, for example, convincing all chemotherapy patients to avoid pursuing antioxidant nutritional support based on the utterly false medical myth that antioxidants “interfere” with chemotherapy treatments. (In reality, they merely protect healthy cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy.)

Overall, the cancer industry, through its false authority and domineering posture, has not only discredited all systems of medicine other than its own, but it has also long succeeded in outlawing most competing systems, transforming experienced herbalists (who retain the knowledge of countless generations of native medicinal wisdom) into criminals. This is why all the cutting-edge cancer clinics in the world are located outside the United States. The practice of curing cancer — a common outcome in alternative cancer clinics — has been outlawed in the United States. It is illegal for a master herbalist, for example, to even attempt to cure a patient of cancer. Such an act could land them in federal prison.

This strategy by the cancer industry effectively keeps women in a state of ignorance about cancer solutions that could cure them. It disempowers women, turning them into victims of treatments dictated to them by men who, as CEOs of the top cancer institutions and drug companies, profit handsomely from every round of chemotherapy, radiation, or cancer surgery prescribed to a woman.

Because of all this, the symbol of the breast cancer industry in the United States — the pink ribbon — is not at all a symbol of compassion or caring. It is not a symbol of empowering women, or educating women about so-called “treatment options.” The pink ribbon is a symbol of male-dominated control over women. Turn the pink ribbon upside down, and it looks more like a noose. It is from this noose that innocent women everywhere hang themselves through ignorance, submitting to a treatment system that intentionally denies women access to a world of information that could help them prevent, treat, and even cure breast cancer.

Chemotherapy, you’ll soon learn, actually causes heart failure, brain damage, and permanent kidney damage. Submitting to conventional chemo treatments for breast cancer makes you a patient for life due to all the organ problems you’re likely to experience as a result of the chemo.

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Planned censorship

It is through this censorship of information and control over medical options that the cancer industry is, itself, wearing blinders that block out all cancer solutions outside of drugs and surgery. The cancer industry also wants all women to wear those same blinders, hence the ignorance strategy. The less women know about preventing and curing breast cancer, the easier they are to corral into the profiteering treatments controlled by conventional cancer treatment centers and pushed by drug-affiliated cancer non-profit groups.

Ignorance, then, is a way of forcing women to choose conventional cancer therapies by default. Since all other treatment options have been discredited, ignored, or outlawed, women in the United States are left with only one treatment menu: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. It is exactly as Big Pharma and the cancer industry want it because that’s what allows the continuation of the disease and the correlating profits.

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Decoding the language of breast cancer non-profits

When the cancer industry non-profits say that more women deserve to be “treated” for breast cancer, what they mean is treatment with chemotherapy drugs.

When they say more women need to be “educated” about breast cancer, what they mean is the education of treatment options with chemotherapy drugs.

When they say more money needs to be raised to “find the cure” for breast cancer, what they mean is developing yet more toxic drugs that can be profitably marketed to women.

Yet there are numerous other options that women don’t hear about except from the independent press (like NaturalNews / Truth Publishing, the publisher of this report). For one thing, vitamin D has been shown to prevent 77 percent of all cancers! This is a nutrient that’s available free of charge because it’s manufactured by your skin in response to sunlight. Recent research shows vitamin D to be such a powerful anti-cancer nutrient that when it’s circulating in your blood, it halts the growth of virtually ALL cancer tumors, regardless of the type of cancer in question.

Read the report on this research here:

Simply urging people to get more sunlight could prevent nearly 8 out of 10 cases of not only breast cancer, but also prostate cancer, colon cancer, multiple myeloma, and other cancers. Yet the cancer industry seems to have no intention of recommending vitamin D to anyone. Why is that? Why would the cancer industry have no interest in a natural, safe, and FREE nutrient that prevents nearly 8 out of 10 cancers? Because vitamin D can’t be patented or sold as a drug. There’s no profit in it. Thus, vitamin D remains routinely ignored and sunlight is attacked as a cause of cancer! (Unbelievable, but true.)

You can review additional research on various anti-cancer nutrients by visiting the Google Scholar searches list here:

Vitamin D and breast cancer (13,900 links)

Green tea and breast cancer (7,180 links)

Licorice root and breast cancer (967 links)

Selenium and breast cancer (7,150 links)

Broccoli and breast cancer (3,140 links)

Garlic and breast cancer (3,630)

Seaweed and breast cancer (888 links)

Flaxseed and breast cancer (1,480 links)

Mushrooms and breast cancer (2,020 links)

Breast cancer propaganda

You won’t hear this in the U.S., because the media is practically owned by Big Pharma these days, but nearly all cancer is preventable. Even the World Health Organization says that 70 percent of all cancers can be prevented. I believe the real number is closer to 90 percent.

So where is the cancer industry on prevention? Where are the education programs, nutritional programs, and support of vitamin D or herbal products that provably halt the growth of cancer tumors? They’re nowhere to be found. The cancer industry isn’t interested in preventing breast cancer, you see, which is why the entire subject of serious prevention is almost universally ignored in the United States.

Breast cancer is simply too profitable to prevent. If they taught women how to avoid the disease, they’d lose up to 90 percent of their revenues.

Read more about cancer prevention that works.

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The American Cancer Society actively scares women away from breast cancer prevention strategies such as sunlight therapy

You may have seen them in magazines like WIRED — full-page ads sponsored by the American Cancer Society, scaring people away from sunlight exposure by telling them sunlight causes skin cancer.

As new research is now showing, sunlight prevents cancer, and those women with the most sunlight exposure (as long as it’s not over-exposure) have remarkably lower rates of breast cancer. So why is the ACS telling people to avoid sunlight, anyway?

Read more articles on sunlight exposure.

Cancer solutions

There are many other sources for accurate information about the anti-cancer properties of foods, nutrients, and herbs. The database, authored by health freedom champion Dr. Leslie Taylor, offers a wealth of information about the healing power of rainforest herbs. Here’s a summary of the Cat’s Claw / Una de Gato entry:

In addition to its immunostimulating activity, in vitro anticancerous properties have been documented for these alkaloids and other constituents in cat’s claw. Five of the oxindole alkaloids have been clinically documented with in vitro antileukemic properties, and various root and bark extracts have demonstrated anti tumorous and anticancerous properties. Italian researchers reported in a 2001 in vitro study that cat’s claw directly inhibited the growth of a human breast cancer cell line by 90%, while another research group reported that it inhibited the binding of estrogens in human breast cancer cells in vitro. Swedish researchers documented it inhibited the growth of lymphoma and leukemia cells in vitro in 1998. Early reports on Keplinger’s observatory trials with cancer patients taking cat’s claw in conjunction with such traditional cancer therapies as chemotherapy and radiation reported fewer side effects to the traditional therapies (such as hair loss, weight loss, nausea, secondary infections, and skin problems). Subsequent researchers have shown how these effects might be possible: they have reported that cat’s claw can aid in DNA cellular repair and prevent cells from mutating; it also can help prevent the loss of white blood cells and immune cell damage caused by many chemotherapy drugs (a common side effect called leukopenia).

By the way, you can purchase Cat’s Claw herbs from, or the Healthycell AC-11 extract that enhances DNA repair, has 19+ years of research, 40+ scientific peer-reviewed studies, and 10 U.S. patents. (Search for Una de Gato or Cat’s Claw).

You can also view the latest news on nutrients, foods, and solutions for breast cancer at…

Ignoring what works

After seeing this (very) brief collection of some fascinating anti-cancer nutrients, ask yourself, “When was the last time my doctor or oncologist recommended any of these things?” Because if you’re like most women, the answer is, “Never!”

The cancer industry (and conventional medicine, too) pretends that these solutions do not exist, and pulling that off that requires serious self-imposed blinders. It’s almost like looking up at the stars at night and exclaiming, “Wow! There are five stars in the sky!”, when, in reality, there are countless thousands visible to the human eye, and billions upon billions more that we can see with telescopes.

The sky is full of stars, just as the world is full of genuine treatments and cures for breast cancer. It’s just that the industry doesn’t want you to know about them. You will only hear about those treatments that can be controlled and profited from, not about treatments that work to prevent, treat, or cure breast cancer.

The cancer industry is not interested in actually helping women — it’s only interested in profiting from them. And that requires shaping their beliefs of what treatments are available, promoting the myth that more money will result in finding a “cure” for cancer (which will be patented, of course), and scaring women into toxic treatments by using strategic scare tactics like telling women they only have six months to live if they don’t submit to chemotherapy.

Yet as much as the cancer industry is exploiting all women, its actions are especially sinister towards black women.


“Breast cancer has been transformed into a market-driven industry. It has become more about making money for corporate sponsors than the funding innovative ways to treat breast cancer.” – Health Studies researcher Samantha King associate professor of physical and health education and women’s studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ohio., author of Pink Ribbons Inc.

Wearing pink for breast cancer, or buying pink products, is a demonstration of your support for the enslavement of women by a highly-unethical industry that seeks to turn women’s bodies into profit centers. Wearing pink shouts, “I support the ignorance of women! I support Big Pharma! I support male-dominated corporate control over the health of women’s breasts!”

Buying pink products sends the same message. Whether it’s a can of soup, a pair of pink batteries, or even a pink “vacation” (yes, they do exist), these products are jumping on the pink bandwagon for one reason only: consumers buy it. Painting any product pink results in a sales surge.

The marketing push for pink products is so strong now that many companies selling products that cause cancer have jumped on the pink bandwagon! It’s a practice called “pinkwashing,” and when you see things like toxic cosmetics and chemically-manufactured personal care products sporting the pink ribbons and pledging to support breast cancer research, you have to stop and ask yourself the obvious question: Don’t these products CAUSE breast cancer? Yes, many of them do.

The truth is there’s no accountability in the donations stemming from the sales of such pink products. Buying a can of soup branded with a pink ribbon, for example, may generate a whole of two cents in donations. And where do those donations go? Are they spent on nutritional education programs for women? Of course not – they often go into the pockets of pro-pharmaceutical non-profit groups (like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) that have very strong ties to drug companies and receive much of their funding from those companies. In effect, these are drug company “front groups” that engage in disease mongering and push mass screening to multiply the number of people being “treated” for breast cancer. The only allowed treatments, of course, are those that financially benefit the drug companies and conventional medicine practitioners.

The solution? Think before you pink! See the website of the honest non-profit, Breast Cancer Action, at to learn more.

Enslaving Black Men

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Let’s examine the issue even further and take a look at prostate cancer and black men. Through various propaganda campaigns, the cancer industry claims to be lowering cancer rates across the population. We’re winning the war on cancer, they claim. But what do the facts show for black men?

This next chart (see below) shows the 5-year cancer mortality rates among blacks vs. whites, including both men and women. You’ll notice that the cancer rates for white men dip slightly and rates for white women seem to level off. But the cancer rates for black men are skyrocketing! Cancer rates for black women are also rising steadily.

In other words, when the cancer industry says it’s winning the war on cancer, what it means is, “We’re winning the war on cancer for white people.” For blacks, the picture just keeps getting worse. Can you think of a reason why?

Economists offer many complex reasons that include socioeconomic status, the quality of health care available to the different groups, and the quality of education experienced by them. But the real answer, the simple answer, is once again right in front of our eyes: black skin blocks vitamin D creation and vitamin D prevents cancer!

In other words, black men experience the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer mostly because they are chronically deficient in vitamin D. Similarly, black women experience aggressive forms of breast cancer because they, too, are deficient in the nutrient. Virtually all blacks living in the United States suffer from sunlight deficiency. Whereas white people can generate adequate vitamin D with 10 minutes of sunshine a day, black people need two hours or more of sunlight exposure to get the same levels of vitamin D. And do you know any black people who consistently get two hours of sunlight a day? If you do, that’s rare.

The more Northern the geographical latitude, the worse this problem gets. That’s because sunlight is less intense at higher latitudes. In other words, the sunlight in Minnesota is not nearly as strong as the sunlight in Arizona. So blacks who live in Minnesota, even when they get sunlight, are getting a weaker form of sunlight that doesn’t have the same vitamin D generating effect.

None of this is ever explained to black men or women by the cancer industry. All the cancer docs, medical journals, health reporters, and drug companies pretend to not know about this correlation between skin color, sunlight, and cancer. To even admit the existence of this correlation would empower black people with new options for preventing either prostate cancer or breast cancer, and that would mean a loss of power, control, and revenues to the highly-profitable cancer industry.

Thus, this simple, no-cost prevention measure gets ignored, much to the detriment of all individuals with darker skin color who are consistently lied to about the real causes of cancer. They’re told it’s genetic. The cancer doctor says, “Your mother also had breast cancer, didn’t she?” And from that correlation, the patient is convinced her breast cancer has a genetic origin. In effect, it does, but only because skin color is also genetic! If the patient is a black woman, chances are pretty good her mother was also a black woman, wouldn’t you say? And if neither one had sufficient sunlight, then they both would, of course, be far more likely to develop breast cancer.

Cancer dogma

Almost no one is taught this information. If you are lucky enough to have stumbled across this article, consider yourself exceeding fortunate and unusually well informed. Send this on to friends (especially those with darker skin color, who need this information the most), but don’t try to argue with your oncologist or doctor about this issue: they don’t know any better. They were never taught this information, and since they’re wearing blinders that have been installed by the conventional cancer industry, they will not be able to accept any information that comes to them from outside the “high priests” of conventional medicine.

To state it bluntly, most oncologists are idiots when it comes to nutrition and vitamin D. Most doctors don’t even understand the basics of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients. They’re not stupid people, it’s just that they’ve never been taught this information, and they consider it to be too “alternative” to embrace. Doctors have very fragile egos and don’t like to be challenged by the information they didn’t think of first.

By refusing to teach any of this information to black men and women, the cancer industry is engaged in a campaign of enforced ignorance that is, in effect, racist in its effect. The industry is not merely destroying the health of human beings; it is doing so in a way that has dire implications for black women in particular.

The cancer industry claims to be empowering women with breast cancer screening, but it is guiding them towards a particular diagnosis and treatment plan that enriches the pharmaceutical companies. Keeping women ignorant (especially black women) is a key strategy in this plan, for if women were empowered with the real facts about how to easily prevent and reverse breast cancer, the cancer industry would lose millions of customers and billions in profits.

Just as empowered, educated women were once considered a threat to the political foundations of the United States (because men were the only people originally allowed to vote), empowered, educated women are right now considered a threat to the profits of the cancer industry. The more a woman knows about how to prevent her breast cancer through common foods, herbs, sunlight, exercise and avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals, the less control the cancer industry has over her, and the less easily they can exploit her body to create a revenue stream that enriches the rich, white men who head drug companies.

These tactics by the cancer industry are an affront to women everywhere. Instead of prevention, the industry proposes screening and disease management. Instead of education, the industry censors information and isolates women from real solutions by discrediting all forms of medicine it does not control. The result is the mass exploitation of women and their bodies. In the United States today, women are routinely maimed (mastectomy procedures), chemically assaulted (chemotherapy), and intentionally subjected to cancer-causing treatments (radiation therapy), all in the name of “medicine.”

As an answer to all this, NaturalNews will be bringing you natural anti-cancer solutions in subsequent reports and articles. My position on all this is very clear: I support the empowerment of women. I am a proponent of education, not medication. And I believe that black men and women need to be told the truth about the sunlight/cancer link.

I also think that women need to be taught how to prevent breast cancer through foods, herbs, and natural therapies like sunshine and exercise. We must start to prevent this disease, rather than waiting for everybody to be diagnosed and then treat them at great expense.

I also believe in the sanctity of human life and that all medical practitioners must honor the bodies, minds, and souls of patients. To exploit a patient’s body as a profit center is highly unethical and immoral. To deny them access to information about herbs and nutrients that could save their lives is downright evil. And to push cancer screenings and chemical treatment onto women while simultaneously censoring, discrediting, and outlawing genuine cancer prevention solutions is so sinister that it ranks right up there with genocide.

A doctor examines mammograms on a view box.

The great harm of the cancer industry

Make no mistake: the cancer industry has become a corporate profit machine that causes great harm to men and women of all races and nationalities. In its endless quest for profits, the industry has forgotten that medicine was supposed to be about helping women live healthier, happier lives, free of breast cancer, and empowered with the knowledge necessary to do so. Instead, it has devolved into a system of enforced ignorance, patient exploitation, and harmful profiteering. That’s the cancer industry today.

So the next time you see a pink ribbon, or a product promotion that advertises a “pink” connection to breast cancer research, remember what the cancer industry stands for:

Keeping all women ignorant

  • Enslaving black women in a system of treatment that doesn’t work
  • Exploiting women’s bodies to initiate a transfer of wealth to cancer industry organizations
  • The domination of rich, white Big Pharma men over women patients
  • The use of women to enslave other women into a chemical treatment trap



The technology used to detect breast cancer causes breast cancer

Mammograms emit radiation and directly cause DNA damage to breast tissue. False positives are common and almost always lead to aggressive cancer treatments that harm perfectly healthy women.

The push for breast cancer screening is a brilliant ploy by the cancer industry, however: Since each screening causes cancer, women who get screened with enough frequency will almost inevitably develop breast cancer, at which point the cancer doctors will say, “Good thing we caught it early, huh?”

This article is sourced from: Breast Cancer Deception – A NaturalNews Special Report by Mike Adams.

Adams has received accolades and testimonials from several key influencers in the natural health space, including Dr. Michael T. Murray and raw food pioneer David Wolfe.


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