The COVID-19 outbreak may not be hilarious but it is making people delirious. It is a fast-growing and ever-changing situation, subsequently, the government healthcare specialists have continuously given mixed data and steerage on tips on how to shield ourselves with (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment and Social Distancing.

Some people have decided to get creative, funny, odd, en vogue, or a mixture of this process of protection. It finally ends up, there may be nothing that may cease a few of them from defending in opposition to the virus. Over the last few months, many pictures have been posted on the Web revealing some hilarious outtakes of people and their PPE.

These photos are a mix of vogue and foolishness, nevertheless, the individuals couldn’t care less. These buyers, apparently resistant to bizarre appearances, assume that it is better to look silly than to be sorry.

#1. Maxi Protection!

#2. Travel Safe. Travel Vogue

#3. The Jugheads Be Like

#4. The Aardvark Gets His Shop On 

These DIY safety innovations are just part of the ongoing madness that we are witnessing. No one knows what to believe with some 333 labs reporting 100% COVID-19 positive test. Think about that for a moment.., ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!! Seems illogical to me but that’s just me. So does inhaling and exhaling Carbon Dioxide.

#5. Luke, I am your Sexy Mother F…..!

#6. 2 in 1 Protects against Coronavirus Infection and Cleans Ring around the Tub

#7. COVID-19, You Don’t Want None of This

#8. It’s a Turd. It’s a Bird. It’s just a bag of What???

#9. Crow Knows Corona

#10. If I can just suffocate myself to death…

#11. Just Follow The Nose. It Always Knows

#12. Not Breathing Oxygen is a Joker of an Experience

#13. Beep, beep! Who Got The Keys To The Jeep?

#14. Where There Is A Will

#15. Hey, Onion Breath!

#16. The Deadly Fart is this guy’s Protection


#18. Absorbs 3x More

#19. One-Way Ticket To Wuhan Please

#20. Hi, Snot Face

#21. What’s Up, Dawg

#22. Laugh Now Because But It Could Be Your Auto Next

#23. Animal Cruelty