True powers are encoded in the stones. Crystals are formed over millennial of years. Just as the mysterious and infamous “Crystal Skulls”, crystals as a timeless database of knowledge, they retain all the information they’ve ever been exposed to. Crystals absorb information–whether turbulence or calm waters, extreme hot or cold, any severe weather pattern or the experience of an ancient ceremony. All of such information is contained in these stones. Crystals are the most absolute and orderly structure that exists in nature having the lowest amount of entropy (a measurement of disorder). As humans, we can be oblivious to or resist the energies around us. The way that crystals are structured they respond to the inputs of all different energies around them. Crystals do this by oscillating and emitting specific vibratory frequencies. It’s fascinating in the way that they are balanced. Crystal’s ability to store massive amounts of information along with the way that they oscillate and emit frequencies makes them very treasured, unique, and useful. So useful in fact, that we find them in computers, TVs, cell phones, satellites, and many more applications. Our ancestors were much wiser than many of us today. Intuitively, our ancestors knew that these stones emitted electromagnetic fields and they wore them as jewelry to bring about energetic changes. People gravitate towards vortexes (where energy is entering into our earthly plane or projecting out of the earth’s plane) like the ancient capital city, Heru-salem, in Peru. Peru much as crystal is a wonder of the world. To clarify, we would have to come to the over-standing as to why the name “Peru” is there… 

The true meaning of the name: “The temple” (pr) of Heru. Pr-Heru becomes Peru. Again, much like crystal, it would serve as a great benefit to learn the true natures of its imminence powers. Heru, so that the world Never Ever Forgets. “laid the cord” and built the city in the shape of the hieroglyph that gives its name as “Heru.” Because these ancient and massive magical rocks sit on top of energetic ley lines–making them, in effect, an energy portal or place of power. People choose to wear diamonds as a sign of binding two people together (diamonds are the most indestructible natural substance on earth) and adorn the crowns of royals with crystals. Each precious stone sort has an alternate reason, in this manner it depends what you’re searching for. A few stones might be best used to recuperate the body or to tap instinct during contemplation, while different stones are utilized in innovation or as a piece of building structures.  On the off chance that you wear a precious stone or ponder with a gem day by day, it must be cleaned once every week. Cleaning is fundamental in light of the way that it expels any thick or stale vitality the gem may have gotten in its condition, or from you. It resembles washing our appearances to evacuate earth and flotsam and jetsam. If another person comes into contact with your precious stone, you must clean it before wearing it again to rid it of the energies of the person who it was in contact with. Crystals are receptors and it would serve you best to not hold another vitality and vibrations in it because this belongs to that individual and not you. A gem turns out to be by and by receptive to you and no one else should put their vibration or vitality on it. 

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