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SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Mother Khai spirit and wisdom are off the charts. She has an extraordinary gift to go into “sacred numerology” to tell the past, present, and future.

In this video presentation, Mother Khai shares her rich childhood, and then she goes deep into the Patrix.

Do you wanna know why Trump had to go and what the Bidden/Harris true mission (contract) is? How about the truth about COVID? Well, it seems that it is all in the numbers. Dr. Khai breaks numbers down in a beautiful, simple, and spiritual way.

The breakdown is so deep that I must watch it at least 20 more times. I had no idea that the numbers 1-9 have a spiritual value, or that your “life-contract” is your birthdate.

“Breaking The Patrix Code”. According to Mother Khai, she holds the greatest title in the Omniverse…a MA Kosmosan.In utilizing her natural gifts and talents, she does all things according to Nature. Mothet Khai has been given many character roles to play on this stage and does not identify them or place Self in a box. She role plays, allowing others the right to call her as they think they see her. Some see her as an Iridodologist. Still others see her as a Numerologist, Nutritionist, Inspirational Speaker, Teacher, Student, Author, Designer or Politician. And the list may grow, as Mother Khai says, she does not divide…she adds up!  You may know about the Matrix, but have paper and pen ready as Mother Khai deciphers the numerological code she calls the “Patrix” that is manipulating our present reality.



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