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Amid The Coronavirus Madness, INTEL MINDZ Brings Focus to Mindful Analysis
“Providing Nourishment To Our Mental and Physical Health”:

May 28, 2020, At a time when COVID-19 pandemic has impacted economies and psyches nation to nation, Intel Mindz brings clarity, reality, and mindfulness to the forefront.

Coronavirus Madness is creating so much of a panic that in its wake, we are failing to see and address a greater danger. Hunger and starvation have the potential to cause civil unrest in a way that could make COVID-19 a blip in history.

Of the many concerns of Coronavirus, the millions of jobs and wages lost can decimate our current livelihoods. With that said, starvation and despair are right around the corner.

It is the “mindfulness community” responsibility to provide nourishment by way of awareness, critical thinking, mindfulness, spirituality, and effective courses of action.

Recently, Intel Mindz has issued health, statistics, mindfulness, and remedies in its articles as well as some rays of hope and encouragement.

As our chaotic peril unfolds, we find more as well as more people caught up in their feelings. Where’s the love? Passions are real as well as at times too real for the sake of sanity. What eats at the core of this revelation is simply a confused interpretation of what love is. Love is more than catching feelings. Love is where we find the strength to rise out of our comfort zones. While love can be terms of endearment or affectionate, it’s deeper still. Love is the essence of the substance that defines nature.

It is awareness, understanding, mindfulness, and love that can see us through to the other side. These emotions, actions, and principles are the core of Intel Mindz mission. We are not here for the glitz & glamour. We offer real-life solutions and encouragement to the better man, woman, community, and humanity at-large.

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