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Introducing the Conscious Collection

Each product is eco-friendly in its own unique way, but overall the collection shares characteristics such as:

  • All products are made of fibers that require little or no pesticides to grow and avoid contributions to air, water, and land pollution. 
  • These products are cruelty-free, made from non-animal fibers, and are harvested in animal-friendly ways (with reduced impact on their habitats). 
  • The materials used in these products also contribute to green practices that reduce the use of resources like water and energy
  • Our US supplier for hoodies, long-sleeve tees, and totes donates a portion of every product sale to an environmental non-profit organization—by selling one of these products you can make a direct, positive impact on the environment.
  • AVAILABLE NOW: click here>>>> Intel-Mindz

AVAILABLE NOW: click here>>>> Intel-Mindz

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